1) Detoxification – Physical And Emotional

What are the eight pillars of the programs offered at the Budwig Center, a natural clinic for the complementary treatment of cancer in Europe, that we employ to improve your health? First of all, it is vital to start with a total body cleanse or detoxification. The reason: Before we start treating our bodies and improving our health, we must eliminate the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens that accumulate over the years.

An example of this is the toxins that surround us. The Environmental Defense Fund states that our food contains chemicals that can result in serious health risks. These substances are used as flavor enhancers, colorants, additives, preservatives, we find them in packaged and processed foods, and many never appear on the ingredient list.

As a complementary pillar to our health, we must start with the detoxification of the whole body. We treat organs such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs. These organs act as the “filters” of our body. Then we focus on the intestines, the bladder, and the lymphatic system. The results? More energy and a feeling of well-being. In the end, the patient feels healthier and stronger. This first step enables us to be ready for the following phases of the Program.

  • Lymphatic and kidney cleansing using the Linfanew® foot detoxification system.
  • Herbal poultices on the kidneys, liver and/or bladder.
  • Whole-body hyperthermia with ozone for skin health
  • Inhalation of essential oils with Bol D’air and a personal kit
  • Personalized remedies (phytotherapy), based on Bio-impedance test (vega test and GSR)
  • Matrix Regeneration Therapy helps detoxify the body by activating the sensors in our spine, improving lymphatic drainage and organ function.
  • Coffee Enemas are very effective in cleansing the liver. Our liver performs more than 3,000 functions a day, so its functioning must be optimal for it to benefit our health in general.
  • Emotional detoxification therapy. We use various methods, such as EFT and EVOX. By using these therapies and others like them, we have been able to help our patients overcome the effects of past emotional trauma. The goal is to control negative thought patterns and adopt a new thinking process.

2) Onnetsu Holistic Therapy

Ancient Chinese and Oriental medicine has classified cancer and cell degeneration as ‘cold’ energy. Hippocrates said: “Those who cannot be cured by medicine can be cured by surgery. Those that cannot be cured by surgery can be cured by heat. Those who cannot be cured by heat must be considered incurable. ” Many studies show that exceptional results can be achieved by applying the correct amount of heat to the body (hyperthermia).

A therapy was born from this concept, which began in 2000. We call it Four-in-One Therapy, a therapy that combines:

  1. Local heat over areas of degeneration and tumor
  2. Acupuncture (without needles), also known as Moxibustion
  3. Autonomic nervous system balance
  4. Far infrared and Terahertz vibrational frequencies (the same as deep in the earth)

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3) Natural Therapies That Treat Pathogens

When the immune system does not function optimally or the body’s pH is not balanced, it is easier for some pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite) to “settle” and cause us havoc. One therapy that has proven to be very effective is:

  • The Frequency Generator. This device emits frequencies that viruses and pathogens recognize but cannot tolerate. Everything on this planet vibrates at a specific frequency. For example, jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald broke a wine glass by singing a note that was identical to the frequency of the glass. The Frequency Generator uses similar principles.
  • Personalized remedies (phytotherapy), based on Bio-impedance test (vega test and GSR)
  • Biomagnetic Pair therapy uses magnets to balance the pH of pairs of organs. With balanced pH, pathogen activity is limited.


4) Cell Oxygenation


When studying her patients, Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered that many of them had low oxygen levels, endangering the health of the cells. Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Protocol effectively reverses the lack of oxygen in cells, known as hypoxemia.

It is not through the use of artificial oxygen such as intravenous ozone therapies and hyperbaric chambers. Dr. Budwig explained that these treatments have minimal benefits and that cell function and their ability to absorb oxygen had to be addressed. She used a combination of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese or quark, commonly known as the Budwig Muesli, which removes the fats that “suffocate” cells.

To find out how this combination works, watch this video:

By taking this Budwig mixture twice a day, along with sunbaths and specific natural products, her patients experienced increased energy, better digestion, and cellular level recovery. For this reason, we consider the oxygenation of cells as one of the most integral aspects of the eight complementary pillars to the improvement of your health.

5) Nutrition and the Budwig Food Plan


When you enroll in one of our natural programs for cancer, our team will send you a copy of the Budwig Guide and a cookbook. We will also be available by phone and email to provide detailed instructions and answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure that every step of our program is clear to the patient.

We are here to answer all your questions. For example, you may be wondering what foods contribute to the illness? What foods should I eat to stay strong?

You will have access to our extensive recipe list, as well as a list of recommended providers. You will also receive a daily activity plan.

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6) Change Cell Polarity


Cancer stem cells (CSC’s) are found in the center of the cancer cells, which are difficult to destroy. Some researchers call them “stem cells” because they decide what the rest of the tumor cells will do. They control how cancer spreads and grows and even how it resists traditional treatments.

After receiving conventional treatment, some patients feel better for a few months, and then cancer returns. Why? Some studies have shown that because cancer stem cells have not been deactivated. Therefore, despite some advances, cancer often returns, and in some cases, several times. Cancer is a metabolic disease affecting cell function. Surgery and conventional treatments treat the tumors present at the time of analytical or imaging tests. But cancer is affecting the cellular process, and that is why it is considered a chronic disease.

At the Budwig Center Natural Cancer Treatment Clinic in Malaga, we test the polarity of the cells to apply shock waves. It is done by applying pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Our device also uses a technology that uses hydrogen (water) and thus is more compatible with the human body than when other devices are used.

Cancer cells build a special membrane of protein around themselves to hide from the immune system. They act as a shield, preventing the immune system from attacking them. That is why immunotherapy alone is not the absolute answer to cancer. A personalized test of the GSR device will give our patients a specific type of enzyme that will change the environment around cancer cells. From this point on, the immune system can begin to identify cancer cells.

7) Strengthening the Immune System

Keeping our immune system strong is vital; it is a priority in our complementary pillars. Once we have addressed the environment in the body that cancer is producing, we provide various natural products to strengthen the immune system. Our Custom GSR Device Test will determine which of these will be the most effective for you.

We use Transfer Factors and mushroom extracts to restore the immune system to its full potential and treat cancer and other pathogens.

The quality and quantity of sleep and rest will also influence our immune system, so we analyze whether our patients need to take any herbal remedies or change habits in their nighttime routine or environment to have a restful sleep. And finally, our immune system can be affected by our moods, levels of stress, and anxiety.

8) Custom Programs

Before we begin the natural program for cancer, we spend a considerable time getting to know you and the state of your health. After that, we can make personalized recommendations and decide treatment priorities. On the first day, we start with:

  • A consultation with the Doctor so that they are familiar with your medical history and current complaints.
  • We evaluate hydration levels as well as the digestive and nutrient absorption capacity of each patient. It may be that you are eating very nutritious food, but your absorption capacity is deficient.

We test all the main organs, and we look for:

  • Food intolerances
  • Allergies
  • Infections

In addition, we analyze the emotional state of each patient since emotions have a significant impact on our health.

We can use some of our devices remotely, which will allow us to keep in touch and assess the condition of our patients to help them progress in their health months after they leave our heath & wellness centre in Andalusia.

For more information regarding our 8 Healing Pillars, please request a free consultation.

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