Arriving In Spain

Before you leave for Budwig Center in Spain, please note the following points that will hopefully help you to have a successful journey.

Steps to Take Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Restrictions due to Covid-19 are regularly changing. We recommend you contact us to find out what steps to take, which may vary depending on the part of the world you are traveling from. 

Additionally, you can find helpful information at these links:


1. Registration

Once you decide to come to our clinic please contact us and find out which dates are available, and then choose one that works for you.

Email us your choice and confirmation and we will put your name in our ‘calendar’ for a temporary period of three (3) days to give you time to arrange your flights, pay the down payment and complete the Registration form.

Once the deposit is paid, please send us a copy so that we can guarantee your space in our clinic. It is very important that you complete these steps and not purchase any airline tickets, etc. until you have confirmation from us that we have space for you.

2. Preparing For The Vega Test

You will have a Vega test and GSR scan first thing in the morning on the first day of your program so here are some important instructions to keep in mind:

  • Do eat breakfast and have a glass of water before
  • Please bring a sample of any remedies you are taking, whether they are drugs from a pharmacy or natural supplements so that these can be tested.Pictures of these or their container will not be tested.

3. Medical Records And Medical Attention

You will have a medical consultation, and if requested a second opinion with the oncologist, so please bring your appropriate medical history records such as PET, CT, MRI, bone scans, and x-ray imaging, a recent blood test and if possible cancer tumor markers (not more than 3 months old).

However, we prefer tests that are no more than 30 days old if possible. We will, of course, do a Vega test upon your arrival.

Please bring us photocopies of all the records you have and you keep the originals. It will save us a lot of time if you bring us photocopies that we can keep in our files.

4. Weekends

On the weekends, you are free to explore beautiful Spain. We have several brochures on hand that outline the different places you can visit and see.

You can, of course, look on the internet beforehand so you can plan what you would like to see.

5. Touring

In Torremolinos, there are sightseeing buses that take you to all the key tourist points of interest. There’s no shortage of things to do on the Costa Del Sol, and Torremolinos is right in the heart of the area, making it easy to visit other popular local towns such as Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella and more.

All the nearby hotels have kiosks with several brochures advertising all the activities in the area such as Flamenco dancing, bus tours, Alhambra Palace in Granada, Sea World, Picasso, and other museums, etc.

6. How to get to Torremolinos from the Airport

Torremolinos is a 10 min taxi ride from the airport. As soon as you get out of the airport, on your right hand side is a taxi stand. Have the address to your apartment handy so you can show it to them. Another option is to take a train to the Torremolinos train station from the airport train station. The train fair is €1.80 per person. The clinic is a 10 min walk from the train station and if you are not sure if the lodging is near the train station, feel free to contact us by email and ask us to look this information up for you (

7. Appliances

Spain uses 220volt, so computers and other devices will work fine, and we provide a plugin adaptor that will allow you to connect to the wall socket.

Bring a laptop computer and you can connect to our Wifi at the clinic as well as in each apartment. We usually like to load on a few comedy movies, the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), course and other important presentations on your computer to look at while you are here.

However, there is no need to bring hair dryers and irons, etc., as these are provided for you.

8. Return Flight

If you have signed up for a treatment plan that goes from Monday to Friday, you will finish on Friday between 14.30 and 15.30. You might feel too tired or rushed to book a return flight on that same day so we recommend to book your return flight from Saturday morning onwards.

9. Weather

From May to October the weather is usually warm and sunny. From the middle of November to middle of March the weather can get down to 9 degrees at night 16 during the day with the risk of rain.

We have 325 days of sunshine but that still leaves 40 days of cloud and rain. Please bring rain equipment and proper clothing for the November to March period.

10. Money / Currency

The only currency that is useful to bring is Euros. If you bring any other currency you will have to go to the exchange office and change it.

You are better to purchase Euros at your bank in your home country before coming or exchange at the airport, this will also be useful so you can pay the Taxi fare from the Airport and pick up food, etc., upon arrival.

Credit and Debit cards are accepted. Master Card and Visa are the two that work well.

PLEASE NOTE: Discovery, American Express cards, American Express Traveler’s checks, Diners are NOT used in Spain.

11. Payment Methods

We request a down payment to register. The balance can be paid with cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Please inform us what final payment arrangements you would like to use before coming.

12. Food & Provisions

We provide some basic foods for you such as seeds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, hazelnut paste or tahini, himalayan salt, baking soda, cottage cheese (Quark), flaxseed oil and we can lend you a hand blender and coffee grinder if these items are not already in the apartment you are staying in

However, you will need to purchase fresh fruit and veg and other food items that you prefer to prepare your meals.

There is a grocery store and a farmer’s market right next door to the clinic.

13. Bring A Companion

We strongly encourage you to come with a family member or a friend as a caregiver, unless you are strong enough to care for yourself.

There is no additional cost for bringing a guest companion. If the guest would like to receive some health care such as emotional healing, massage, reflexology etc. this could be arranged as well with our team, but it must be scheduled in early upon arrival.

If you need the prices for these therapies before arriving, please email us beforehand. As you should be strong enough to walk around our center without help, the guest will be free to explore Malaga, or do other things in the mornings and during the times that you are receiving therapies, and then you will have afternoons to spend time together and go out.

14. Our Address

To come directly to the clinic, use this address:

Calle Rio Mesa, 28, Floor 1 office,
Torremolinos, 29620, Málaga
BUDWIG CENTER – Telf: 664 174 281

NOTE: Our Cancer Center is a daytime clinic, and we do not have our medical and regular staff working 24/7. Therefore we do not accept patients that are bedridden, very weak, and in constant need of medical attention. It is always best to have a family member or a friend come with you who can provide company and moral support, even if you are in a generally good condition.

Some find they are somewhat overwhelmed by the trip, all the new things they need to do, dealing with Spanish labeled products and the language in general outside the clinic, etc. The Budwig Center staff speaks English, French, Spanish, and Russian. We will do all we can to help and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Budwig Center VIP Services

The Budwig Center VIP Services is a natural result of our commitment towards our patients in receiving the utmost services in the Center and providing an environment outside of the Clinic in which you can feel at home and welcome as possible.

The services focus on making your life “easy” as well as “fun” while you are with us. Torremolinos and its surroundings offer several attractive cultural, touristic options to be considered.

We provide you with various services such as:

  1. We’ll meet you at your place of lodging to translate if the host does not speak English.
  2. If needed, we will accompany you when doing errands like food shopping, going to the pharmacy or stores.
  3. Our Budwig Chef will give you basic cooking classes in your place of lodging.  
  4. We’ll accompany you while going for walks or exploring Torremolinos and surrounding areas. 
  5. There is so much to see in Spain, so one of our team will help you plan to tour Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Nerja, Marbella, and accompany you if you would like this.
  6. Beginner Spanish lessons and/or interpretation of Spanish to English. 
  7. Emotional support during your stay. 

Your Budwig VIP Hostess

My name is Jackie, and I live in Torremolinos. I know what it’s like to receive a cancer diagnosis. (January 2020) I chose the least traveled road to recover my health through 100% natural methods. I have been very active and felt alone and lost until I found support and guidance from the Budwig Center. I feel confident I am on the right path, having lowered my tumor markers from 571 to 90 in 3 months. 

I am familiar with feelings of loneliness, fear, desperation, uncertainty, and yearning to be surrounded by people who believe as strongly as I do that “It is possible to allow the healing power in our body to return to its balance.” I will be delighted to be of any assistance during your stay in Torremolinos.

Budwig Hostess