Bio Resonance


It is invisible but it’s everywhere. Yes, electromagnetism is everywhere and without us even knowing it, we feel the effects.

In fact, without electromagnetism, which by the way is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, life on earth would be impossible. To begin with, our sun is the foremost source of electromagnetic vibration.

Here on planet earth, everything has its own unique resonant frequencies, which includes all the organs in our body. Using special bio-resonance equipment, these frequencies can be detected and cataloged, much like notes produced by a tuning fork.

What interests us here at the Budwig Center is to find the resonant frequency of harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites which all have their own resonant frequencies.

Using our Frequency Generator, we can match that frequency and destroy these pathogens.

Also, another thing that we focus on in regard to frequencies is when an organ is not operating at its normal healthy frequency using our bio-resonance equipment, we can bring that organ back to its correct operating frequency.

How that works, is that when a person has health issues and an organ starts to fail, its resonant frequency drops. When our equipment generates the correct amount of bio-resonance energy the organ can usually be restored to operate at the right frequency, enabling the body to recuperate and regain good health.

Some people could confuse EMF’s as in 5G radiation and other electrical smog with resonant frequencies. They are totally different.

To better understand how this bio-resonance and good frequencies work, please watch this video that shows the effects of resonance is a breaking wine glass next to a speaker:


Just as a specific frequency can break a wine glass, sending the same frequencies that match certain pathogens will do the same. As each virus, bacteria, fungi, as well as parasites have their own specific resonant frequencies. Please watch this video showing a pathogen being destroyed by a frequency generator.


Bio-resonance has gained more credibility since its discovery by Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Voll, Dr. Schimmel, and Dr. Morell to name only a few.

Bio-resonance therapy is a totally harmless and non-invasive therapy and leading Russian scientists have been conducting extensive studies on tens of thousands of patients during the last couple of decades. Their research has provided a wealth of knowledge regarding healthy body organs’ resonance frequencies. This technology has even been used by NASA in the US as well as by the Russian space agency.

Now many people with health issues such as Endometriosis, Flu and its symptoms, tiredness and sleep deprivation, heartburn, high blood pressure, depression, all types of cancer and much more are finding a solution with bio-resonance therapy

Dr. Johanna Budwig was in favor of noninvasive therapies that work very well with the Budwig diet and lifestyle programs.

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