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Bladder Cancer

Natural Treatments For Bladder Cancer

The Budwig Center specializes in holistic care – this means that we assess you as an individual and try to understand every aspect of what makes you unique so that we can tailor our therapies to suit you, and you alone. No two people who come to our natural cancer clinic will receive the same program – no two people are exactly alike.

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Each individual walking this beautiful planet has its own unique make-up, and we believe that medical and complementary treatment should reflect and respect that. There are nearly 8 billion people are living on the earth at the time of writing, and that’s increasing by the second. Each one of those people has a set of fingerprints unique just to them – and we expect the same with healthcare.

Budwig Approved Therapies

Some of the treatments we use for bladder cancer at our natural cancer treatment clinic include:

  • FOUR-IN-ONE: This natural cancer treatment combines hyperthermia, needle-free acupuncture, energy balancing, and vibrational frequencies. This approach has produced excellent results in a variety of case studies, often in a short time period. For example, when Shuichi Takizawa was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, she underwent repeated surgery in her local hospital, but each time cancer came back. After the third time, she decided she wouldn’t have any more operations. After her third treatment with the FOUR-IN-ONE therapy, she stopped passing blood in her urine and the pain was significantly reduced. “By the fourth day, the heat from this therapy was more comfortable, and my whole body felt lighter” she recalls. After 15 sessions – only two weeks of treatment – no cancer was evident. She believes that the FOUR-IN-ONE cured her cancer.
  • Foot Detox therapy – we use a medically approved suction device somewhat like a vacuum cleaner – this works by pulling toxins from the 2,000 pores on the bottom of each foot. Since toxins are among the principal cause of most cancers, we put a lot of emphasis on detoxification at our natural cancer clinic.
  • Phyto/herbal remedies contain pure extracts of plant-based origin to bring the bladder and associated systems back into harmony and encourage the expulsion of harmful toxins.
  • Matrix Regeneration is an ingenious therapy that gathers information as the handheld rollers are passed over the spine. It then takes that energetic signal and reverts it back into the spine, much like the principles of homeopathy.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EVOX sessions both help to neutralize years of toxic negative emotional trauma. In natural psychology, bladder cancer corresponds to the negative emotions of being tricked or being submitted to ugly conflict. We use four different emotional rebalancing therapies at our natural cancer clinic to deal effectively with the psychological side of the disease. Learn more here.

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Learn More About Bladder Cancer

Do you or a loved one have bladder cancer? If so, please feel free to contact us with any questions. One of the key objectives of Dr. Johanna Budwig was not only to help her patients to recover from cancer but also to empower them with knowledge and insight into the disease and health in general. So following her sterling example, we encourage you to download the FREE Budwig Guide, which is filled with vital information relating to the Budwig Protocol.

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