How Budwig Center Uses The Vega Test

Vega Test

In this video, Robin Jenkins, a natural therapist, specializing in the preliminary analysis, explains the principles by which the Vega test works in conjunction with the Budwig Diet and Protocol.

How Are The Vega Test Results Obtained?

At Budwig Center, we use the Vega test to provide us with a full picture of your health. During the Vega test, the therapist will use a probe to press on a measurement point on one of your fingers. So, this test is non-invasive and has no counter-indications.  Each time the probe makes contact with your skin, a virtual item is being tested. Virtual items are stored energetic signatures of things such as organs, pathogens, toxins, allergens, and so on.

How The Readings Are Interpreted?

The Vega test allows us to measure your body’s response to each item, as well as to find associations between items, for example, which organ is affected by toxins or pathogens. The results are then compared with your medical tests and can assist a physician in recommending pertinent additional medical tests. In this way, it acts as a preventative health measure. Therefore, combined with your medical history, this method is used for selecting the most effective treatments for you.

The End Result

So, in conclusion, the Vega test is a device that a therapist can use to ask the body specific health questions and get clear answers. With it, you can find out which organs are stressed as well as the cause of the stress and, last but not least, it contributes to selecting effective, personalized natural treatments.

You can also learn about how we use it to provide the best recommendations to our patients.

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  1. dominique

    Bonjour Kathy, j essaye desperemment , depuis 5 mois, de trouver quel fromage acheter dans le sud de la France pour le cottage cheese du Budwig protocole…sans succes,…mon addresse e-mail est : PS j ai cancer sigmoid metastase poumons & fistules recto-vesicales.. Please, .thanks for any help/infos. Dominique ici j ai acces a Inter Marche, Super U & LIDL (mon tel en France : (33) 06 73 43 95 63) on m a parle de “Quark”, mais je n en ai pas encore trouve quelqu’un a mentionner peut etre de la Faisselle……???

    • Kathy Jenkins

      Chère Dominique,

      Le Speissequark de Aldi ou le quark de Carrefour sont les meilleures options. Le LIDL a un quark qui s’appelle maintenant fromage blanc 0% matière gras.

      Kathy Jenkins


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