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EMF Personal Harmoniser – Gold, Silver, or Copper


EMF Personal Harmoniser – Gold, Silver, or Copper

  • Copper necklace: 35€
  • Silver necklace: 60€
  • Gold necklace: 65€


Just one PHI Personal Harmoniser (Code PPHC) is required to protect you from electrical smog from your electric system, TV, Computer, and mobile devices around you.   All EMF HARMONISER devices are made of pure copper and then gold or silver plated and contain highly energized imploded water.

The Personal Harmoniser is portable, so it can be put in your purse or wallet and can be worn as a pendant.  It does not need to touch the skin to be effective. Wear it at home and at work for continuous protection wherever you go.

You can place it under or beside a glass or bottle of wine, water, or juice to energize them. (Best to use glass rather than plastic, but the pendant will still energize the liquid in a plastic container). Many find the wine tastes much better after 5 minutes or more resting on or beside the Harmoniser.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 100 kg

Gold, Silver, Copper


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