Kidney Cancer

What Is Kidney Cancer?

Are you in need of kidney cancer treatment? The kidneys are a pair of organs situated on either side of the spine, toward the back between the ribcage and pelvis. They’re responsible for filtering the blood and excreting the waste products in the form of urine.

Kidney cancer occurs when some cells in the kidney become cancerous, or malignant. Kidney cancer can impair the function of the kidneys, invade the delicate tissues and processes, grow tumors, and spread to other parts of the body.

More About Kidney Cancer

The Budwig Approach To Kidney Cancer

The Budwig Center offers a variety of natural alternative cancer treatments for all types of cancer, including kidney cancer. Our patients consult one on one with a medical doctor to decide on the best program for their specific health needs. As well as a personal assessment, we use comprehensive testing techniques such as the Vega Test and GSR scan.

The Budwig Center focuses on treating the root cause of illnesses and this includes a strong appreciation of the impact that emotional health can have on physical health. Some emotional health practitioners equate kidney cancer to feelings of not wanting to live, or conflict relating to water or fluids.

As our treatments are as individualized as our patients, it’s impossible to give a ‘one size fits all’ treatment plan, but as a broad example, some of the natural treatments we use for kidney cancer include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or ‘Tapping’): a technique designed to help people face past trauma or emotional issues head-on in a positive and proactive way.
  • EVOX: an approach based on mapping voice resonance and quality when speaking on specific issues, to build a program of audible signals to reframe perceptions.
  • FOUR-IN-ONE therapy: a combination of heat, energy balancing, needle-free acupuncture, and vibrational therapies to stimulate the body’s natural healing and disease-fighting processes.
  • Phyto (plant-based) or herbal remedies: carefully selected on an individual basis to help restore vital functions.

Natural Treatments For Cancer

The Budwig Approach is based on natural treatments and alternative remedies to help improve health and fight disease. The Budwig Diet, including Dr. Budwig’s flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mix, is based on the best evidence we have for truly health-giving nutrition. Our techniques are designed to continue to improve the lives of our patients by reinforcing positive life choices and changes to continue along a happy, healthy path.


Right from the first day at the clinic, I knew I had made the right decision… It is a leap of faith to go the alternative route, but you will land in a soft place at the Budwig Clinic.

– Susan, a kidney cancer survivor.

I was told since my metastasis was so extensive that it is more likely to return… I ran across Budwig and bought the books, then promptly went vegetarian and started FOCC. So far, I am showing no further signs of RCC, my blood pressure and other vital signs are perfect, my liver and pancreatic functions are perfect, my remaining kidney is enhanced, and all those other blood test levels are within range.

I have stopped “Googling” kidney cancer mortality rates and started Googling kidney cancer success stories (which is how I found Budwig), and my attitude about this disease has greatly changed for the better.

Cancer has not meant the end of my world and I hope you, too, can find your spiritual selves (if you haven’t already), as well as your Budwig selves and enjoy life!

– Stephanie, metastatic kidney cancer survivor, and Budwig convert!

Read more of Susan and Stephanie’s stories here.

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