Life-Force Radiant (Sunlight) Energy Technology

The Life-Force Radiant Generator raises the body’s voltage (energy) and goes right to the mitochondria of the cells to produce ATP (energy), which is similar technology to the famous Tesla MedBed that claims to offer a “cure all” for many diseases.

Dr. Tennant teaches that disease is always associated with a loss of voltage. Problems resulting from continued drops in voltage include chronic pain, a decrease in oxygen levels, cancer and other diseases as well as infections. Healing demands that we get enough electrons to push the cells back up to a higher energy or healing voltage. The Life-Force Generator amplifies and increases the voltage, vibration, and “chi” (Life-Force) of the body.

Each 15-minute session consists of sitting in front of or putting on your lap the Life-Force Generator or putting our bare hands or feet on its surface.  A therapist can also connect with the Generator and at the same time, the patient to activate the acupressure points and the meridians to reduce tense and sore muscles and other areas of discomfort.

The sun gives off radiant energy across a broad spectrum, which fuels every natural process on earth. In fact, without our Sun, life as we know it could not exist. Focused radiant natural energy using the Life-Force Generator can raise the energetic levels of our cells.

Our bodies are “electric”, and every cell is similar to a battery, as each cell has a negative and a positive charge.  Almost all pain and diseases are due to “low cellular voltage”.  Therefore, by raising the voltage of the cells, which involves the mitochondria, the ATP (energy) production, we can resolve many health issues.

In fact, we would not be able to talk, move or think if it were not for the “electrical” signals travelling through our nervous system.  When we feel full of energy it is because our cells are vibrating at a higher frequency.  For example, a healthy human body has a vibrational frequency range of between 62-70 MHz.  Whereas cancer cells drop down to about 42MHz. The secret is to “increase” the voltage of the cells to reverse diseases!

Dr. Mark Sircus, Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine stated “Voltage is life and all life has voltage. The question is—is there enough? Voltage is the cause of life and an absolute lack of it is death. Health is a matter of having enough voltage and as sickness increases our voltage declines so treating with voltage gets right to the point…. if a cell becomes injured or is in a state of repair, the body will boost the millivoltage…. which is required to increase circulation bringing in new proteins and removing the waste. This state is often experienced as acute pain because the body is increasing inflammation while the area is being healed.”  The Life-Force Generator increases the voltage of each cell producing a total healing and balance to the body.

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger writes, “The body is an electrical machine. Among the electrical properties that cells manifest are the ability to conduct electricity, create electrical fields and function as electrical generators and batteries.”

Dr Budwig was a big fan of putting her patients outdoors and having them sunbath about 20 minutes daily. At the Budwig Center we encourage sunbathing, and we also use a special “Life-Force Radiant” Generator (the same energy that comes from sunshine) to raise the energy of the 60 trillion cells in the human body, putting your body into a true healing state.

pathway to all chronic disease

How Does Life-Force Work?

Negative electrons are found in abundance in nature, the mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.

The Life-Force generator streams very high amounts of “negative electrons”.  These negative electrons (ions) are found in abundance in the mountains, by waterfalls and by the seas and oceans on beaches. Once they enter the bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.  The Life-Force generator is truly a breakthrough also in stress-relieving technology. 

The Life-Force Generator amplifies and increases the voltage, vibration, and “chi” (Life-Force) of the body. At birth we have 100% of our cellular battery.  But as we age, we get tainted by toxins, negative traumatic experiences and disappointments, diseases, frequent cases of sickness, etc., that hinder the proper cellular functions. As we reach our mid 20’s our “battery” starts to deplete; about 10% for every 10 years, so by our mid 60’s we may only have 40% or 50% of your battery power. The Life-Force generator “jump starts” our batteries back to about the 90% level.  It allows the body and mind to restore itself back to its natural state of well-being.

The Generator connects to the regular power source which changes the current to a safe DC current sending a “Unified Field of Energy” through your entire body, instantly raising the cell voltage of all parts of the body back up to about 90% of its original function.  Scientists agree that the human body, even while at rest, can produce around 100 watts of power which could theoretically power up a light bulb. While running we can produce up to 2000 watts of power.  Unfortunately, as we get older cellular voltage decreases and especially if disease sets in our “cellular voltage” is very low.  The Life-Force healing session strengthens your body’s ability to physically relax, heal and mentally and emotionally manage stress and increase your level of awareness and focus.  When the body receives a high dose of radiant sunshine like energy it begins a whole-body regeneration.

You can “feel” the energy. If you touch a light bulb and hold your hand on the Generator at the same time, it will even light up the bulb.

Each session with the Life-Force generator brings back a balance to oneself and allows the body and mind to detoxify on its own and help you gain the youthful energy it once had. Your body will optimize and balance. It has also show incredible results not only on humans but animals and plants. Radiant Energy Technology that mimics the suns energy causes oneself to re-connect to the planets Earth pulse and will naturally bring you back to balance from all surrounding exposures to energies that cause imbalances (EMF, RFI, power lines, etc…)

You will feel the energy! You can interact with this energy! And the benefits are nearly instantaneous. Your body and mind will relax within minutes and will proceed to eliminate your stress centers of any imbalances.

After more than 17 years of being used by thousands of people worldwide, the Life-Force streaming Generator has proven to offer the following benefits:

  • Improves the function of every cell and every organ in your body.
  • Helps reverse most common diseases as “cell voltage” increases.
  • Recharges your body’s cellular battery which impacts on your entire body.
  • Increases energy levels and improves libido.
  • Reduces visible signs of aging and improved memory.
  • Reduces need for stimulants (coffee, colas, cigarettes, sugar laden foods, etc.,)
  • Provides more restful and deeper sleep.
  • Patients report feeling revitalized and relaxed for several hours after each session.
  • Immediately helps put your body into a true healing state.
  • Life-Force also strengthen our ability to heal and manage and reduce stress.
  • Helps repair and rejuvenate our body’s own natural fountain of youth.
  • Helps shield the body form harmful E-Smog, EMF’s and G4/G5 frequencies.
  • Speeds up our physical, mental, and emotional processes as it alleviates depression.
  • Helps clear out brain fog (from chemotherapy, etc.) and favors sharper mental clarity.
  • Releases muscle tightness quickly, especially around the neck, shoulders and back.
  • Patients that have been in motor vehicle accidents are able to heal in half the amount of time, being able to process and release the trauma created from the accident and focus on healing.

Background on the Life-Force Generator and MedBed Type Technology

The Life-Force Generator is a combined technological achievement based on 100 years of research from Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, and George W. Van Tassel. 

Over the past 17 years the Life-Force generator mimics natures energy in such a precise way to restore balance within the body.

This technology combined with the Budwig protocol that addresses the 4 main causes of cancer, and all diseases offers a powerhouse of healing and reversal of illnesses.  The famous recipe of Dr Budwig using flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (Quark) also raises the oxygen (energy) of each cell.  

A lack of oxygen is from a lack of voltage. In addition, you can combine it with manual therapies like Acupuncture, Acupressure, massages and Fascial Manipulative therapies with good results. Pain will resolve, range of motion will increase, neurological conditions will improve as well as sleep, anxiety and depression because it improves parasympathetic tone.

The device emits a radiant energy that has therapeutic effects on patient, the therapists, and people within its proximity. Charging the cells and increasing the voltage is extremely important to maintain optimal health.

A “Carbonic Acid buffering System” runs the Mitochondria because of bicarbonate.  Buffers are needed in blood to maintain a pH in the range of 7.35 to 7.45. 

Most people past the age of 40 can no longer manufacture bicarbonate from the kidneys and pancreas.

For any chronic disease it’s important for everyone over 40 to take baking soda in water to restore the natural carbonic acid buffering system in your body to make oxygen available to the cells.   Look for an organic baking soda that does not have any aluminum in it, like ‘Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda’.

First thing in the morning drink a large glass of water to which the juice of ½ lemon and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda has been added.  This drink will also make your Life-Force session more effective as it will start the process of making ‘Carbonic Acid’ for the Mitochondria.  Baking Soda also will normalize the pH in your stomach and help increase the voltage to your cells.

Since the introduction of such technologies as, Rife Frequencies, Tesla MedBed, BioForce, negative ion devices, we amplify frequencies and negative ions to a million times stronger (with technology) than what our normal exposure was before this time creating an incredible healing environment. The device is portable and allows you to enjoy the benefits anywhere and stay balanced! 

The Budwig Center offers regular sessions of Life-Force energy at our clinic.

Get ready to start enjoying your life to the full, by going back to nature to revitalize your body!