Our Affiliates

We proudly associate our name with affiliates around the world that represent the same work we do within our clinic. Please check out their websites for more information.

Cancer Tutor

Our Affiliates - Cancer Tutor

www.cancertutor.com – Integrative and Natural Cancer Research

Xiaofu Gao (in China)

A naturopath offering distance tests for her patients while helping them with the Budwig protocol. I can ask her for the name of her center/consultation

Pia Solback-Nordling (in Finland)

Our Affiliates - Inzenter
www.inzenter.com – also a naturopath offering distance test for her patients.

Monica Concellon (in Málaga)

Our Affiliates - Mónica Concellón

www.monicaconcellon.com – Health & Wellness coach and cancer survivor herself

Janet Wrathall (in the UK)

Our Affiliates - The Clinic of Natural Medicine

www.clinicofnaturalmedicine.eu – Naturopathic Medicine from The Clinic of Natural Medicine

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