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Why not take a moment to review our treatments and therapies for cancer, tumors and other diseases. All these treatments are available at Budwig Center using the Johanna Budwig original protocol.

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Our Programs & Fees

Bronze Program

This program is the minimum recommended for a patient with a cancer diagnosis that has either a systemic cancer (lymph, skin, leukemia) which would be treated with photodynamic laser therapy or for a patient that has a tumor (or multiple tumors) in an area of the body that can be treated with local hyperthermia (the antennae’s diameters cover 28 cm). This program delivers 10 sessions, which is the minimum number recommended.

Silver Program

This program is very recommended for a patient with a cancer diagnosis, whether receiving local hyperthermia or photodynamic laser therapy. The prolonged amount of time to receive these treatments as well as the rest of integrative therapies means more benefits from the treatments, more strength, well-being and understanding of the educational part of the program. We highly recommend our Silver program option.

Gold Program

This four week program (with an offer to extend – please discuss with your doctor during your stay) is recommended for a patient with a metastatic cancer diagnosis. The additional fees cover the possibility of either receiving 2 hours of local hyperthermia (1 hour for each area needing treatment) or receiving 1 hour of local hyperthermia as well as photodynamic laser therapy. Click below for much more information on costs, offers and additional treatments.

Additional Services

At our Center, we teach you the steps that help you to recover your health by implementing the multi-faceted and totally natural program based on Dr. Johanna Budwig’s protocol. In addition to our most common packages listed above, we also offer the following treatments.

Wellness Program

This program focuses on detoxing the body, boosting the immune system, treating micro organisms affecting your health and promoting a general state of well-being in the patient. For chronic or serious conditions, please consult with us about additional treatment available.

This program does not include lodging, nor does it include personalized treatment unless the doctor’s consultation indicates that a patient cannot receive colonic irrigation or full body hyperthermia. In that case these two therapies can be substituted for other therapies available such as massage therapy, acupuncture, products and remedies.

Distance Program

Our Distance Care Programs provide essential remedies to detox and boost your immune system. These programs are recommended only for those whose health condition is not chronically serious, or whose current state of health does not permit them to travel to our Clinic in Spain.

Contact us to see if we can offer you something that suits your situation and condition. We will do our best to personalize the help we can offer at a distance with support over the phone and email, remedies and instructions sent to your home.

Better Health is Our Mission

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