Gold Program

This program is recommended for a patient with a metastatic cancer diagnosis. The additional fees cover the possibility of either:

-receiving 2 hours of local hyperthermia (1 hour for each area needing treatment)

-receiving 1 hour of local hyperthermia as well as photodynamic laser therapy

*To prolong a cancer program for an extra week could cost between $3,500 to $5,500. The treatment plan can be discussed at any point with the doctor

The cost of this package is 19.300€

This is a three week program

Package Includes:

All patients coming for the clinical program enjoy:

  • Lodging in one of our apartments which are located right next to the clinic. These are equipped with Internet/WIFI, Telephone, TV, Far Infrared sauna, a Rebounder – Mini Trampoline – (to cleanse the lymph system daily) and a Chi Machine – balances meridians and increases energy (daily)* as well as all the basic kitchen equipment and some organic foods items as per the Budwig food program
  • Lunches in our Budwig kitchen prepared using organic ingredients (Mondays to Fridays).

Common Therapies

Therapies that all the cancer patients will be able to receive include the following:

  • Medical Consultation with Dr. Tavira
  • Group Teaching Sessions (Budwig Guide is reviewed).
  • Sessions of Par-Bio magnetics (includes 6 potent magnets for you to take home, along with fully illustrated charts showing where to continue to place the magnets).
  • Daily inhalation of pine needle oil extract (for better circulation).
  • Intravenous sessions with Homeopathic remedies.
  • 1 Total Body analysis which is done at the beginning of the program (includes 5 – 6 remedies).
  • 2 Additional follow-up analysis which are done at 45 to 60 day intervals.
  • Budwig Guide – with detailed information on what foods to eat and what to avoid, recipes, meal recommendations, cancer research, and Frequently Asked Questions section Instruction.
  • Session of Bioenergetic Restoration.
  • Foot detox therapy.
  • Essential oils (Magnolia, Artemisia and Frankincense formula).
  • Photonic sessions.
  • The home kit to continue with Photonic sessions at home.

Personalized Clinical Treatments

Following the medical consultation the program is personalized. Depending on the type of cancer and your general physical condition, (allergies, ascites, strength, pain, past surgeries…etc) it can be decided which therapies will be suitable for each patient as well as the duration and frequency of these.

You will receive personalized remedies and there may be added homeopathic remedies to the intravenous sessions or in aerosol form. We aim to do all that we can during your stay so that you notice a great improvement in your healthy and we have a very qualified and capable team to do so.

  • Sessions of Local Hyperthermia*
  • Sessions of Whole Body Hyperthermia (Detox)*
  • Photodynamic Laser Therapy*
  • Sessions of Colonic Irrigation (cleanses and detoxes the entire intestinal system)*
  • Treatment on the Jade massage bed with Far Infrared heat
  • Other natural remedies the doctor may indicate personalized
  • Homeopathic remedies and medicines
  • Relaxing massage and reflexology sessions

*if recommended in your case.


Note: Some adjustments may be made to the program based on the Medical Consultation and the personalized analysis
This program includes distance program B at a discounted price

Better Health is Our Mission

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