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Just returned from 3 weeks at Budwig Centre, the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had cancer for 7 yrs colon, liver, lung now in liver and lung done the usual doctor stuff operations and chemo (wish I knew then what I kno now) but decided on alternative medicine, glad I did. Treatments were non stop for the 3 weeks, food amazing Julia great everyone at centre so nice, vega scan showed improvement in lung liver and immune system, Robin informed me of a lot of dead cancer cells, I needed help with my mind David and antonia gave me tools to deal with stress anxiety etc they work, nutritionist Christina great Kathy angel Laura isabel all great as well gave me hope that I can beat this and Lloyd Jenkins popped in a few times all in all brilliant experience thank you

Anthony Maschinsky

I visited the Budwig Center in Malaga for the one-week intensive wellness program, in view of my liver cancer problem, which at the time was under control thanks to Proton radiation therapy which I received one year ago. Though since I am not yet cancer-free, it still remains a great threat in my life. Seeking enhancement of my immune system and any possible help, in the Budwig center I received a generalized review of my health and a holistic system of therapeutic techniques which I much appreciated at the time and I still do. I would like to especially thank each member of the staff for the kindness, the hospitality, the friendly and at the same time professional way they took care of me and my wife while being there. Special thanks for the specialized treatments, for the nice discussions, the valuable dietary advice, the delicious recipes and the bits of advice on managing my emotional lifestyle. Back home now, I keep putting in practice most of my experience from the Budwig center, having Malaga in my mind, for the further improvement of my health, always hoping for the best.

Alexios M

Dear Budwig Center team, After following your recommendations, Budwig diet and HIFU procedure, my PSA came down to 0.9 from 6.7. I’m continuing with the Budwig Diet. The only question I have is how long should I take Muesli (Flaxseed oil with cottage cheese). I used to take it 2 times a day. Now I’m taking once a day.

Thank you for your videos, they are very helpful

Thank you very much Lloyd.


I had my right kidney removed in 2009, then in 2013 I had to have some of the remaining kidney removed. I decided at that point there must be another way of dealing with this cancer and so started to do research in alternative methods. It opened a whole new world to me. Therefore, for the past 5 years or so with the help of my husband, I have been doing the research and looking after my health myself. Late last year I knew I needed professional help, because my kidney function had dropped dramatically. I would imagine like many people who take this path, we go with hope in our hearts. Right from the first day at the clinic I knew I had made the right decision. The whole set up made me feel at home and I knew I was in good hands. I think the fact that as much attention was paid to the emotional side of things as everything else, for me, personally, made a big difference. Anyone who has done research in this will know that our emotions play as big a part as anything else. I left the clinic feeling that so much had been lifted from me, that I had carried for so many years. This team of professional people are the most considerate, and honourable you could ever wish to meet. So many positive things came from my visit to this clinic and the aftercare is second to none. There were times in their busy day when the patients and the team could talk and have a laugh and the whole atmosphere was uplifting. It is a leap of faith to go the alternative route, but you will land i a soft place at the Budwig Clinic

Susan Tarrant

I’m so grateful for the Budwig Center. Early 2015 I was re-diagnosed with cancer that went into the nodes. I made my way to the cancer center and received chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It wasn’t until the end of that process that I found out about the Budwig Center (through Ty Bollinger’s documentary series). I immediately contacted them so that they could help me restore my body to health. After being on their program, I’ve had outstanding results—good doctor reports. And I keep in touch so that it stays that way. If you’re hesitant, don’t be, they are professionals. Dr. Jenkins has been answering my questions and concerns from day one and hasn’t steered me wrong. Give them a try!

Celesta T

Dear Dr. Jenkins

Thank you for all your help. The months before and after chemo using your approach and supplements have helped it be successful so far. One pet scan was completely clean from cancer… The blood test shows no residual cancer, but the last pet scan shows one spot (3.2 suv) of concern where the back surgery was. They aren’t sure if its the double hit, dlbc lymphoma or just healing from surgery. We are waiting to see what happens.

Your help has been invaluable so far, making this good outcome possible.


Debbie Curtis

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