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The Ozone Therapy Masterclass Coming Soon

Ozone Therapy

We are pleased to announce that on November 18th & 19th, we will be one of the clinics sponsoring the Ozone Therapy Masterclass.

The Ozone Therapy Masterclass is Here

The event is open to all health seekers and holistic professionals who want to learn from Ozone Therapy Specialists. The Masterclass will go deep into the exact procedures, methods, and dosages required when using Ozone Therapy for chronic health conditions and autoimmune symptoms.

At the online event, our very own Kathy Jenkins will also be sharing some vital insights regarding the importance of detoxification and boosting the immune system. Also, she’ll explain the specialized health package that we offer, which effectively addresses these concerns. The selection and combination of the products within the package help eliminate toxins efficiently, vital for anyone using ozone therapy.

Meet Your Host, Judy Seegar

Judy Seegar, host of the Ozone Therapy MasterclassHi, I’m your host, Judy Seeger, ND, and it’s my mission to introduce you to the effectiveness of using Ozone Therapy both at home and in holistic health clinics.

I was introduced to this therapy in 2010 when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Up to that point, I didn’t even know it existed!

But it had already been discovered more than 150 years ago. Nikolai Tesla was the inventor of the first ozone generator in the late 1800s.

I became a believer when it healed my Lyme Disease in less than six months (combined with Detox Therapy). It was a sure-fire win. Here I am eleven years later with absolutely no after-effects of Lyme Disease. And yes, I still use Ozone Therapy every week!

I used it in my own clinic successfully on many folks who had chronic health conditions. Everyone saw results of some kind, like less pain, clearer thinking, more energy.

When I closed my clinic, I continued using Ozone Therapy faithfully at home. Then I decided to help others since few knew about it.

Before I knew it, the Ozone Therapy Masterclass was here!

I have been collaborating with Ozone Specialists for the last five years, and this Masterclass is the culmination of those who have been in the trenches with this effective therapy and successfully seeing their clients heal faster.

Our specialists are true masters at using this super effective immune-building, pain-reducing therapy.

We invite you to learn from the best in this VIRTUAL Masterclass.

For more information and to get registered – Click Here

See you at the Masterclass,
Judy Seeger, your Host

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