BUDWIG SUPPORT PACK with our exclusive FENp53 Formula. We provide you with a 90-day double high dose (2 x 222gr instead of just 1 x 222gr of FENp53 powder) supply. In addition, you will receive Berberine, Chaga, Green tea, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Curcumin (extra bio-available), Nattokinase, and Frankincense Essential Oil blend. Full instructions and a daily “Food and Activity” plan will be included.

For more information on how this formula can help you, please contact us at contact@budwigcenter.com


THE BUDWIG SUPPORT pack includes a 90-day (double dose) supply of FENp53 Formula (instead of just 1 daily serving of FENp53 you receive 2 daily servings for faster and surer results), and 8 important natural Dr. Budwig approved remedies: (Berberine, Chaga, Green tea, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Curcumin, Nattokinase, and Frankincense Essential Oil blend).

In addition, this support pack includes:

  • Budwig Guide (e-book)
  • Budwig Recipe book (e-book)
  • 40 Emotional Balancing EFT (Tapping) videos
  • Several “Support” instructions videos on how to follow the Budwig program
  • A list of recommended suppliers
  • Instructions along with a “Budwig Daily Food & Activity” plan
  • 2 Inspirational e-books “Courage and Wisdom in a time of need” Part 1 and part 2, and much more.



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