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The Budwig SUPPORT PACK is an exclusive package we offer only to patients of the Budwig program who have already been to our clinic or completed a program at home as a “follow-up” support approach.

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You will receive the following:

Anti-Cancer Herbal/Plant-Based Remedies that “starves” cancer

  • 3 months’ supply (4 bottles) Oleander “Cancer Bush” homeopathic drops
  • 3 months’ supply (3 bottles) Bentonite Cleanse deep detox remedy
  • 3 months’ supply (2 bottles) FENp53 (Fenbendazole 99.9% purity) 
  • 4 months’ supply (8 bottles) Essential oils

Herbal-SupplementsOLEANDER “Cancer Bush”

Oleander tree has been nick named the “Cancer Bush”.  This is not surprising as it reportedly has over 500 compounds many of which are noted for their cancer fighting as well as immune boosting and other health promoting qualities.

Oleander extract has shown remarkable success against a very broad range of cancers, including lung, liver, leukemia, breast, brain, prostate, stomach, pancreatic and more. Oleander has been found to either eliminate or greatly alleviate the side effects of chemo when used in conjunction with chemo. However, unlike chemo, oleander does not cause lethargy but instead usually boosts a person’s energy level 

Studies seem to provide yet another important piece of evidence in understanding why oleander has proven to be successful against a great many forms of cancer.  In previous studies, oleander extracts have been shown to:

1) Inhibits angiogenesis, the process where cancer produces blood vessels and spreads

2) Inhibits the NF-kB factor in cancer cells, which is the process that cells use to protect themselves when they come under attack

3) Induces apoptosis, or normal cell death, in cancer cells

4) Greatly stimulate immune activity and crosses the blood-brain-barrier in cases of brain cancer

“Bentonite Cleanse” – provides deep detoxification

Bentonite clay is an internal detoxification and cleansing agent. How Bentonite (montmorillonite) clay works, is that it essentially “seeks” toxins in the body to bind with causing them to leave the body by natural excretion methods.

Once the bentonite clay binds with the toxic heavy metals (i.e., graphene oxide, mercury, cadmium, lead) and chemicals (i.e., from pharmaceutical medicine, injections, etc.,) our body then automatically expels them via the colon and the kidneys along with the clay. It pulls away built-up refuse and even dangerous herbicides such as Paraquat and Roundup. This action alone can raise your energy level in as little as 1 to 3 days. Bentonite clay acts in 3 ways: it absorbs, it revitalizes, and it acts as a catalyst for the transformation of food into usable energy. Note: Our Bentonite Cleanse is not just bentonite as bentonite clay should never be taken internally on its own but must be combined with other ingredients (as is the Bentonite Cleanse) to prevent it from causing any type of obstructions in the digestive track.

FENp53 (3 month’s supply) Helps Starve Cancer and Shrink Tumors

There are three beneficial effects of FEN p53 Formula against Cancer:

  • It inhibits sugar uptake (glucose) into fast-growing tumor cells (Cancer needs glucose and/or glutamine to survive).
  • It causes apoptosis (death of rogue cancer cells).
  • FEN p53 controls the Microtubules, blocking them from dividing and producing more cancer cells. (Microtubules are like the conveyor belts inside the cells. They move vesicles, granules, organelles like mitochondria, and chromosomes via particular attachment proteins.)


Essential oils carry the highest vibrational frequency of anything on the planet. Several studies have shown that essential oils such as frankincense(Boswellia Serrata) have the potential to treat brain, breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate, and stomach cancers.

  • Full instructions and a daily “Food and Activity” plan will be included.


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