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Products not sold separately. Includes instructions for a 3 week detox plan.

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2 bottles of SOHEP (Liver Detox): Take 2 capsules a day upon rising on an empty stomach

1 bottle of COLA DE CABALLO LIQUID (Kidney Detox): Take 1 tablespoon in a glass of water first thing in the morning before breakfast

2 bottles of BENTONITE CLEANSE (heavy metal and chemical detox):  Start with Shock Phase: 12 to 16 capsules with plenty of pure water during the day, preferably on an empty stomach for 2 days. Next, go on maintenance dosage:  4 to 8 capsules with plenty of water for 1 week. Now take 3 per day until you have used 240 capsules (2 bottles).  Once a month take 3 capsules per day for 1 week for continuous detoxification

1 bottle of PROPORES (Immune booster): Take 1 capsule upon rising

1 350gr bottle of Diatomaceous Earth (parasite, fungus, Candida, virus cleanse) – put 1 level tablespoon in a glass of water, stir and drink once a day on an empty stomach until the 350 grams is all used up.

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