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Health Day Package


The Health Day Package includes:

  • a Full Body hyperthermia session (value 100€)
  • your choice of any one of the following therapies: Foot bath detox, yarrow pack on the liver, ginger pack on kidneys (value 30€)
  • your choice of any one of the following specialized massages: Indian head massage, Japanese facial lifting, Chi-feet massage (value 50€)
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The purpose of this day of treatment is to give the organs that are in charge of detoxing – a little TLC. The full-body hyperthermia will boost your lymphatic and immune system. The foot bath helps detox your kidneys and lymphatic system. The packs on the liver and kidneys are to restore and rejuvenate these organs. Then finally, the purpose of the massage therapies is to restore either the nervous system to target the points on our head, face, and feet that reflect our internal organs. Stimulating these will promote better circulation and leave us with a feeling of wellbeing.

Who is this for?

This Health Day Package is perfect for anyone who wants to be proactive in taking care of their body. Additionally, if you want to learn how to apply these types of treatments at home, we provide training. Also, if you want to prevent health problems associated with their body accumulating toxins, then this package is ideal for you.


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