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Wellness Membership


€200 – Monthly fee

Benefits of being a member: 

  • 10% discount on remedies and food items.
  • The possibility to Add-On “Cooking Classes” to your membership.
  • After 2 consecutive months as a member, you will receive free treatment.
  • Discount price for Medical Thermography & Cell Hydraulic sessions.
  • Discount price for a personalized consultation.

Cooking classes: available Monday to Friday, from 10.30 – 12.30 (must reserve 1 day in advance)

Price: 100€ per month

Note: Recipe book included.

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The Wellness Membership includes:

  • Jade massage bed
  • Chi-machine
  • Bungee string trampoline
  • Pyramid
  • Neck Hammock
  • Rife machine
  • Pine needle oil inhalation
  • Budwig Muesli prepared at the clinic

*after 2 consecutive months as a member, you will receive a Free Vega test & GSR scan (remedies not included).


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