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Restore Your Mitochondria to Restore Your Health and Reverse Cancer

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In 2015, the scientist, Dr. Bevan Elliott developed a new “breakthrough” technology called XDS (eXponential Delivery System) that enables some 44 natural healing botanicals to go not only into the cell but even deep into the mitochondria.  When a person suffers from any health problem, the mitochondria is malfunctioning. So, correcting and restoring the mitochondria is truly the “holy grail” of resolving many health concerns.

Perhaps the most well-known role of mitochondria is the production of ATP, the energy currency of cells. When the mitochondria are defective, the cells do not have enough energy. The unused oxygen and fuel molecules build up in the cells and cause damage.  Its estimated that when we reach our 70’s or 80’s we might have only about 10% to 15% of our mitochondria working properly.   No wonder as we get older we get more tired.

This unique patented remedy called RESTORE was designed not only for treating cancer but for basically all the common diseases and health issues that plaque mankind. And when combined with the Budwig Protocol you can expect dramatic benefits!

What Makes RESTORE/BUDWIG so Effective?

First, RESTORE contains a whopping 44 different natural ingredients* that provide a storehouse of nutritional benefits. You save money because this one remedy can replace several other food supplements you are now perhaps taking. However, he is the most important point to keep in mind, even if you were to locate all these 44 ingredients and take them daily you would not even come close to what you would experience taking RESTORE. The secret of this remedy is the patented XDS (eXponential Delivery System) technology developed by Dr. Beven Elliot, that enables the nutrients of RESTORE to go deep not only into the cell but even into the mitochondria. This proprietary nutrient delivery system targets every cell in the body to deliver nutrition deep into the mitochondria of each cell. This is remarkable and a total new breakthrough in health care.

To have great natural ingredients alone are not good enough. The natural bio active ingredients, typically, contained in nutritional supplements can have poor deliverability and they do not easily get to where they need to go to give the desired results.
XDS formulations rectify this problem in a powerful way. You only need to use a small amount (1 or 2 teaspoons daily) compared to how much of the same ingredient is commonly used in other nutritional supplement formulations. Yes, XDS is so effective that much greater benefits can result.

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Listen to these Incredible Comments:

Tangela re triple negative breast cancer experience_2020-02-24_5min5

Tina B White Re dramatic improvement in breast cancer after using Restore topically_2022-04- 21_3min27.mp3

Royal and Penny Height regarding her breast cancer concern_2022-01-25_4min25.mp3

Ron Long re doctor attributes mitochondria for killing skin cancer after using Rejuvenate and Restore

Marie Ross recovery from uterine cancer while using Restore_2022-01-12_4min22.mp3

Lisa Woods and Denise re cancer diagnosis and depression _2020-01-26_3min44

Dr Bevan Elliott on how cancer works_ Part 2_2022-04-22_2min36.mp3

Joseph Cain on improvements in Blood pressure – prostate cancer – enlarged prostate and skin tags after using Restore and Rejuvenate_2021-12-05_4min35.mp3

Bill C – I was on 18 medications …

Mae C – I lost 77 pounds in 3 months …

Roger P – My blood pressure was dangerously high …

Archbishop M – I was losing my sight because of diabetes …

Terrence S – For 20 years I couldn’t close my hand and make a fist …

Reed M – My feet ached and hurt so bad I just wanted to cut them off …

Denise B – I spent thousands on an issue with my face and thought nothing would help …

Irma C – I had stage 4 kidney failure, high blood pressure, was walking with a cane, and no energy …

Dr Dan S – At 70+, I’m as muscled as I’ve ever been and my push-ups jumped from 60 to 85 in 28 days then 90 & 100

A Weak Malfunctioning Mitochondria is the Cause of Diseases

Dr. Elliott’s research indicates that what affects health the most is condition of your mitochondria. You cannot be your healthiest unless your mitochondria are working at its best.  Our mitochondria are damaged by chemical and emotional toxins, parasites and other harmful pathogens and poor nutrition and as we age the body produces less and less quality mitochondria.  When the health of the mitochondria is improved and you have more mitochondria, thus more energy, than your overall health will dramatically improve, and you will turn back the hands of the “aging clock”. Without the added ENERGY from the mitochondria, the body will have a very hard time repairing itself.  Rebuilding the mitochondria at the DNA level is ‘foundational’, otherwise our God given immune system has nothing to work with.

A decline in mitochondrial quality and activity has been associated with normal aging and correlated with the development of a wide range of age-related diseases. chronic inflammation and the age-dependent decline in stem cell activity. Dysfunctional mitochondria generating less ATP (energy production) have been observed in various aged organs.

RESTORE will provide the following benefits:

  • MORE ENERGY – stimulate free natural energy from the mitochondria so you can maintain constant energy even on your longest workdays. (Some find it best to take the 2nd dosage in the middle of the afternoon but not in the evening as the increased energy will probably make it difficult to fall asleep)
  • TREATS CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES – helps repair malfunctioning mitochondria which is the cause of cancer and other diseases.
  • IMPROVES EYESIGHT – your eyes are rich in mitochondria and when this is restored vision improves and often cataracts disappear.
  • MORE FOCUSED/SHARPER MIND – enhance brain ability, with the vision, clarity and focus to meet your every challenge.
  • REDUCE STRESS & ANXIETY – mood enhancement and chronic stress reduction with deeper, more restful sleep and many people report they dream like never before.
  • DETOX & REPAIR – cellular detoxification and repair
  • IMPROVE IMMUNE SYSTEM – immune system enhancement with anti-parasite and anti-pathogenic support.
  • IMPROVES HOMEOSTASIS – enhances the ability for the body’s organ to manage itself and maintain homeostasis.
Authorised By Dr Johanna Budwig

Not only people with cancer and other chronic diseases are experiencing outstanding results using the RESTORE/BUDWIG approach, but people who are chronically tired, emotional stressed and anxious, people who are plagued by insomnia, or who suffer side effects from pharmaceutical medication (including chemotherapy) and even athletes striving to have extreme performance. And of course, people whose occupations require concentrated focus, quick thinking, creativity, and problem-solving ability, as well as working moms and dads who want to have the mental physical energy to take care of their families and multiple responsibilities.

Combine the Budwig protocol from Dr Johanna Budwig along with RESTORE today and launch a rescue mission for yourselves powered by your mitochondria.

Some report noticeable improvements starting from the first day, whereas most people report benefits in a few days or weeks. Some say they even felt like crying for the first two days as the remedy helped them restore emotional balance. In some instances, you many need to rest more or experience various other signs that the body is beginning to detoxify may experience.

UltraMito Restore works from the inside out growing mitochondria to increase cellular energy and provide your body with the nutritional resources to restore, regenerate and repair itself physically and emotionally.  You receive are 44 botanical ingredients with patented XDS (eXponential Delivery System) technology in every serving as follow:

UltraMito Rejuvenate, our topical gel, works from the outside in on areas of specific concern. It is highly recommended for anything that affects your hair, scalp or skin any place on your body in an unwanted way. It also penetrates deep to affect tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints that may be experiencing discomfort, mobility issues, lack of feeling or poor circulation.  Several users of “Rejuvenate” have commented on how it noticeably reduces wrinkles, crows’ feet and aging skin.

If you mix a small amount of RESTORE with REJUVENATE this mixture creates a very effective anti-pain remedy.

All our patients who enrol in the Clinical program or the Home Distance program will receive RESTORE along with other Budwig approved natural remedies.

How to use “Restore” & “Rejuvenate”

How to use “Restore”.  Fill your dropper up to the 1ml line and put 2-4 droppers (2 teaspoons) under your tongue.  Close your mouth then wiggle your tongue side to side for 1-2 minutes, this will absorb the majority of Restore under your tongue that goes directly into your blood stream. Then swallow the remaining Restore.
Some people want to split the dosage, first thing in the morning then two droppers in the afternoon; (1 teaspoon in the morning and another teaspoon in the afternoon between meals) this is fine.

How to use “Rejuvenate”.  To make “Rejuvenate” even more powerful, place one teaspoon (5 ml) of ‘Restore’ into your new jar of ‘Rejuvenate’; mix it up well.  Use as directed.

Itchy Ears!  Recently had a customer use a cotton swab and coat the inside of the ear canal with with “Rejuvenate” and the itching totally stopped!  Itchy ears are caused by ear mites and fungal infections.  “Restore” has a candida and parasite component to eradicate this.  Take ‘Restore’ daily.  Don’t leave home without it!

AMAZING testimonials-for pets too!

Pet Life Testimonials Mick McQuillan of Pet Sitters of Ireland on using UltraMito Pet Life on his pets

Sandra Dunne on her dog Gizmo recovering from kidney failure after using Pet Life

Rick Hill reports improved health and mobility of his dog Archie after using UltraMito Pet Life

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