Rhythmical Massage

What is Rhythmical Massage?

The classic massage that we all know focuses on kneading and manipulating the muscles and joints. On the other hand, rhythmic massage involves a gentle rhythmical breathing quality of touch, which can deeply penetrate the tissue. It increases the oxygenation and blood flow to the tissue of the organs.

This gentle suction and rhythmic movement help balance the body fluids, such as the lymphatic system and blood vessels’ circulation. It also helps with decontracting the muscles and joints.

On a more subtle level, rhythmical massage also positively impacts emotions by increasing endorphins. Additionally, it helps balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic neurovegetative system, which can be likened to our “emotional” accelerator and brake. When these are balanced, we find ourselves in a situation called psychic and physical coherence.

Rhythmical massage would be indicated for patients with:

  • Muscle contractures, vertebral and joint pain, vascular and lymphatic diseases favoring all digestive and renal elimination processes.
  • Respiratory problems where the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems can lead to bronchial spasm diseases.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Post and pre-operative treatments to vitalize patients under high medical stress.
  • Insomnia.

Allergic pathologies are helped by eliminating rhythm and a rhythm of neurovegetative system: sympathetic and parasympathetic.

Before the massage, a painless test based on heart rate measurement and respiration shows us the coherence or balance of these systems. The patient also learns a process of re-education through the improvement of their respiratory rhythm. This rhythm of life begins to change through the rhythmical massage.

Massage oils with medicinal plants are also applied according to the constitution and needs of each person.

The treatment duration is 25-35 minutes, followed by a rest of 30 minutes, where the patient should focus on their breathing or a positive thought so that all the repair processes have been launched and further enhanced.      

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