Chemotherapy Detox Using Natural Products

The decision to accept chemotherapy or not is a personal decision that each person needs to make.  At the Budwig Center we do not offer any advice on this matter, however if someone does accept chemotherapy, we have a program in place to help remove the residual chemical toxins from the chemotherapy and also rebuild […]

Promote Vibrant Energy and Healing by Juicing


Why juice fruit and vegetables when you can just eat them as they are? There is a very good reason to juice. When you juice fruits and veggies, they are broken down into an easily absorbed form that your body can use quickly. Eating a lot of raw fruit and veg puts a burden on […]

Cancer Cells Starve on a Vegetarian Diet and Exercise

diet against cancer

More than a decade ago, scientists at UCLA conducted a simple experiment. They put cancer cells in a petri dish, and then dropped serum from different people to see if the serum could kill the cancer cells in the petri dish. When the serum of a person who regularly ate meat, and did not exercise […]

Boost Your Immune System

Today I would like to talk to you about how to improve your immune system, because one of the 4 main causes of cancer, one of them is a weak immune system. When we think of our immune system, it is natural to think that it only serves to defend us from our microscopic archenemies […]

Making Healthy Meals – How to Get Into the Routine

Making Healthy Meals - How to Get Into the Routine

Ok, so you’ve finally got into the habit of making healthy meals – Congratulations! But now, weeks or months in, you are beginning to feel stuck in a monotonous (and boring) routine of endless salads and green juices. While it is easy to be attracted to a healthy lifestyle, keeping things fresh and interesting is […]

Have You Heard of The EMF Harmoniser?

Have You Heard of The EMF Harmoniser?

This article discusses the flood of technology and the magnetic and electronic fields surrounding us, and how the EMF Harmoniser can provide a measure of protection. Electronic Fields – Vital For Life Magnetic and electronic fields are essential for life. There are various kinds, such as Schumann Waves, for example. These are very long waves […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses

Apple cider vinegar is a home remedy that is extremely popular and has been used by people worldwide for many years in both cooking and medicine. Although further research is required, certain scientific studies have confirmed that this delicious vinegar can be used for various health issues. Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses Amongst the […]

The 8 Steps to Recovery

The 8 Steps to Recovery

Whether you’re suffering from the effects of cancer or other illness, our cancer and wellness programs address eight specific areas that lead to recovery. A whole-body approach to fighting disease and other conditions is essential. It enables us to identify issues that impact the body and mind and help target the illness’s principal factors. The following steps […]

Your Guide To The Budwig Diet and Food Plan

food plan

When many people hear the word ‘diet’ or food plan, they’re immediately concerned that what follows is an extreme weight loss regime, a list of unpleasant and tasteless foods, and a host of other restrictions that will take all the enjoyment out of life. Fortunately, the Dr. Budwig Diet and Food Plan is quite the […]

Staying Safe – Before And During Your Flight

staying safe

The pandemic has led to global changes, and staying safe has become our #1 priority. Many things have changed, from the way we buy groceries to the way we exercise. Taking a flight has suddenly become a big decision to make. The question on everyone’s mind is: Should I take this flight? Is this vacation […]