What Really Causes Cancer?

causes cancer

What really causes cancer? The simple answer to this question is, a ‘disruption or disturbance of energy within our body.’ Top health care professionals and researchers believe that we all have a certain amount of cancer microbes and cells within our bodies, but if we have enough healthy cells, we can keep them under control. […]

Budwig Recipes – Homemade Kefir Cheese

Dr. Johanna Budwig taught how to prepare her special mixture and highlighted important features to consider when choosing the ingredients we use. Although she did not leave a recipe for making cottage cheese or quark, the ingredients are easy to find almost anywhere. However, what options are there for any who may not be able […]

Health Recommendation – Choose Your Drinking Water Wisely

One of the first basic steps to good health is to drink clean, healthy water every day. This is one thing we simply cannot do without if we want to maintain good health! Pure clean water is necessary on a daily basis for many basic life-maintaining activities, such as regulating our body temperature, supporting our […]