“I loved all my treatments and trying out new recipes on the diet plan”

Michele Fuggetta

I want to say Thank you to all the staff at the Budwig Center!

As I’m battling Breast Cancer for the third time, I decided to continue with Chemo, which was only 50 percent successful per the results of the PET Scan as I begin to start a new regimen.

I came across the Budwig Diet, started to try it. My husband found out that there was a center in Spain. After researching, we decided to travel there and do a two-week program. I loved all my treatments and trying out new recipes on the diet plan. Thanks to Chef Stephanie!

On top of enjoying my treatments, they successfully decreased my cancer activity! I will be continuing to follow the Budwig Protocol, Diet, and Supplements, and will do a scan in a couple of months. I have Faith that I will be Cancer Free and Hope to stay that way!

Thank you again to Dr. Jenkins and his staff at the Budwig Center!


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