Welcome to our testimonials page. Please take a moment to read through these inspiring stories and accounts of others who have benefited from the natural treatments we provide at the Budwig Center. Our cancer, wellness, detox, and emotional programs have had a fantastic impact on our patients.

sandra alvim
Sandra Alvim
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer, Sandra Alvim

Thanks, Lloyd!!! I just had a call from my doctor after a blood test and he said there’s only one cancer cell in my blood and the CA is 2.7 and he told me I should cancel the radiation for now and in two months do an MRI, Pet Scan and blood test again. I […]

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Philip Bonfigho
Lung Cancer
Philip, Lung Cancer

In early 1974, Mr. Bonfigho, a heavy smoker, developed a persistent upper respiratory infection and cough. He consulted his family doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Despite the treatment, the symptoms only worsened, and in March Mr. Bonfigho returned to his physician. At that time a chest X-ray revealed a 3 centimeter (cm). […]

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Charles Upshur
Lung Cancer
Charles Upshur, Wife with Lung Cancer

Wife healed of lung cancer when given a year to live 12 yrs. ago. Still healed by your diet and prayer. I want your diet guide for someone else.

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Gail Wincey
Gail Wincey, Dermatomyositis

I have been diagnosed with dermatomyositis, which basically means skin and muscle soreness and inflammation. Also, I had not slept a night through without pills in over 2 years before my sisters got me started on the Flax oil, cottage cheese, and flax seeds. The most noticeable change for me was sleeping. After 3 weeks, […]

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Sandy Brooks
Colon Cancer
Sandy Brooks, Colon Cancer

A year ago, I began the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil protocol (& more) for colo-rectal SCC, and today, Dr’s are baffled that I don’t seem to have cancer at this time.

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Dalis Jurado
Breast Cancer
Dalis Jurado, Breast Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, I will like to share this great news… I had my cat, lab, and mammography tests, and thank god, my family, and especially to you. I am doing very well, no more breast cancer, I feel great and I am very happy to know that breast cancer is no longer with me. […]

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Inderpreet, Infertility

Dear Mr. Jenkins of the Budwig Center. My fight towards infertility is going very well. Especially that baking soda and lemon is helping me tremendously. I’m putting on good weight. I try my best to stick to the recipes given which are great tasting. I’m very thankful to Budwig for giving me get my health […]

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Breast cancer, Heidi Rock
Heidi Rock
Breast Cancer
Heidi Rock, Breast Cancer

Heidi Rock, Breast Cancer Name: Heidi Rock Dear Dr. Lloyd I wanted to drop you a quick email as I have returned from my 1 weeks treatment and have been following the distance programme for sometime and before enrolling in that we used the essential oil package and followed the guidance available on your website. […]

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Rosemary, Breast and Lymph Cancer
Rosemary Hobson
Breast Cancer
Rosemary Hobson, Breast and Lymph Cancer

Dear Mr. Jenkins, ITS GREAT NEWS FOR ME. I AM DELIGHTED. I will of course, continue to follow the Budwig protocol and take all the medicaments that you have sent etc. You may share my good news with others. I play the Healing Tones music a lot, and also have a great Faith and believe […]

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