Welcome to our testimonials page. Please take a moment to read through these inspiring stories and accounts of others who have benefited from the natural treatments we provide at the Budwig Center. Our cancer, wellness, detox, and emotional programs have had a fantastic impact on our patients.

Ole Hansen
Prostate Cancer
Ole Hansen, Prostate Cancer

Dear Sir/Madam. I sincerely thank you for your outstanding help and assistance. The Budwig diet already reduced my PSA level from 29 to 8. Last year an Australian Urologist told me, that I would be dead mid this year unless I accepted a dangerous biopsy and following intravenous chemo. Not knowing, that chemo according to […]

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Larry Goodwin
Colon Cancer
Larry Goodwin, Colon Cancer

As best I know I remain cancer-free. I had some issues about 6 to 8 weeks ago and have gone thru some ultrasound tests which tend to suggest pancreatitis (infection). My iron levels took a step backward along with all that, and new results and doctor consult should happen this week. Other than that I […]

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Desire Heunis
Breast Cancer
Desire Heunis, Breast Cancer

Hello Mr. Jenkins, Thank you for this mail, so good to hear from you again. Hope all are well in Spain, it’s going very good with me and Spring is on its way to South Africa. This summer I will receive the last 2 Zoladex injections and its been 3 years September since my cancer […]

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Pat Haas
Breast Cancer
Pat Haas, Breast Cancer

Hi Mr. Jenkins, When the MRI showed the tumor, and the nodes looked clear I made the decision to have a second mastectomy (on July 11, 2012), especially since I healed so quickly from the first one, and my pain level was never higher than 0-3 out of 10, due to taking Arnica each time. […]

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Rolando Roberto Rivera Lozano
Brain Cancer
Rolando Roberto, Brain Tumor

Attached is a copy of my MRI for you to see. The oncologist says that the malignant cells have disappeared but that I am to have periodical precautionary revisions. I would be grateful to you for advice relating to all the remedies as well as reducing my dosage. With my eternal thanks to you and […]

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Kelly Krajewski
Breast Cancer
Kelly Krajewski, Breast Cancer

My sister has been following the protocol for approximately 8 months now with encouraging results. Her last check-up showed her cancer-free and very healthy after being previously diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been taking prescription meds for over 12 years now but would love to start the protocol. Although I am going to an […]

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Wojciech (Voyt) Reich
Liver Cancer
Voyt, Liver Cancer

As a result of Hep C and cirrhosis, I have progressed to liver cancer, HCC. My hepatologist is giving me 6 months to live, even though the cancer is asymptomatic now. I had the first bout with cancer in 2007 when it was laparoscopically removed. After the diagnosis, I decided to go all-natural, with no […]

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Richard Ollila
Prostate Cancer
Richard Ollila, Prostate Cancer

I received an additional 7 bottles of supplies and a new schedule, thank you very much. I also receive my most recent Navarro score which was for the one month period after I first started the full Budwig program. My score dropped from 51.4 to 50.5 in that one month. While I am very pleased […]

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Denise Clark
Cervical Cancer
Denise Clark, Cervical Cancer

Hey guys, Just had to send you an email to update on my progress. Had a PET scan last week, my doctor has just called to say that the scans are still showing there are masses in my pelvis area but showing very little activity, I have also gained 10lbs in weight since being in […]

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