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The Budwig Center Advances in Complementary Natural Treatments for Cancer

The sun, natural medicine, the budwig protocol and the best specialists as complements for your cancer treatment.

At the budwig center oncological clinic, we are concerned about each and every one of our patients and we try to find the best solutions to help them.

What makes the Budwig Center different?

Doctors, oncologists, homeopaths, psychotherapists, nutritionists, naturopaths and specialists trained in natural therapies.

The Budwig Center has a highly qualified and professional staff who will analyze, evaluate and manage the therapies, treatments, and diets best suited for each case. Our primary concern for the entire duration of our programs is the patient’s well-being, that’s the reason our treatment is always personal, friendly and thoughtful.

Experts in natural medicine: Natural medicine (homeopathy, phytotherapy, natural remedies,…) has many advantages and has almost zero negative side-effects. Natural medicine, in combination with clinical treatments significantly improves our patient’s health, immune system, and the effects of their conventional treatment.

Our Team:

The Budwig staff is comprised of a professional team from various countries around the world. English, Spanish, French, Russian and Ukrainian are the languages our team can speak. This diversity of culture and language helps our patients who visit us from all over the globe to feel comfortable and at home during a very sensitive period in their lives.

Clinical treatments:Budwig Center, Natural Treatments for Cancer, clinical treatmens and programs

We have state-of-the-art equipment in our clinic. For our programs and treatments, we have the best in hyperthermia, colonic irrigation, foot detox, Biomagnetic Pair therapy and other therapies that our Doctors will prescribe and manage properly for our patients.

Patient care:

In order to monitor the progress of each patient efficiently and thoroughly, we have recently incorporated the GSR scan system. We also try to maintain a close relationship with each patient by phone and email. We accept a minimum amount of patients at a time to make sure we can give them the personalized attention required and that these feel at home.

Budwig diet and kitchen:

One of our main pillars is the Budwig protocol and diet. To ensure that our patients understand it completely, we have upgraded our installations to include a complete kitchen where we demonstrate and teach how to prepare the Budwig approved recipes. We always use 100% natural and organic products to take full advantage of all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required.

Our location:

Spain is among the top 10 countries in the world with the highest life expectancy, with an average lifespan of 82 years. The extraordinary climate, the wonderful Mediterranean diet, and the excellent social community make Spain currently one of the most chosen places for vacations and leisure in Europe. Not surprising that that many visitors decide to stay.

Just like Dr. Johanna Budwig, many specialists and oncologists today recommend daily exercise and moderate sunbathing as essential elements for cancer treatment. The Budwig Center is ideally located for this. We have between 9-10 months of Sun all year-round, comfortable temperature, beaches, all in a superb environment to have your treatment.

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