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Cervical Cancer Treatment


What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cancer of the cervix – the ‘neck of the womb’ – is responsible for around 2% of all cancers in women. Many health services around the world have screening programs – the ‘pap’ or ‘smear’ test – to help identify cervical cancer early, as the sooner it is found, the better the prognosis for the patient.

Cervical cancer may have no symptoms in the early stages, so it’s vitally important that eligible women attend their screening regularly. Symptoms that may present include unexplained vaginal bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge, or pain during vaginal intercourse.

For more information on cervical cancer, its causes, and symptoms, visit our Cervical Cancer information page.

Recommended Treatments

At the Budwig Center, we treat people with cancer using the Budwig protocol and the Budwig diet, along with other alternative treatments. Our cancer treatment plans are tailored holistically to each person, and we follow Dr. Budwig’s approach in treating a person as a whole, identifying the root cause of cancer and the way each person responds to treatment.

Dr. Budwig’s protocol is a way to optimize health and build a strong foundation for self-healing and disease management. As research and technology have progressed, we’ve added a range of therapies to help us to treat cancer in the most natural, person-centered way. Our treatment plan for cervical cancer may include:

  • Full-body and localized hyperthermia – heat weakens cancer cells and helps reduce tumors.
  • Vega/GSR test – full-body scans and assessment to help understand all aspects of your health, including organ systems, hormone levels, intolerances and allergies, infections, and emotional health.
  • Blood tests – Budwig Center has two medical doctors and an oncologist who offer a full panel of blood work.
  • Bioenergetic restoration therapy – restore cellular energy and balance meridians.
  • Bio-Mat – increases cellular energy
  • Matrix Regeneration Therapy accesses all the inner organs via the reflex zones on the back. The Med Matrix makes use of the resonance phenomena to activate feedback loops (biofeedback systems) and thus stimulate the body’s self-healing power and detoxification.
  • PEMF – Pulsed Electric Magnetic Therapy – The Papimi machine helps with pain and restoration of the healthy levels of magnetic energy that our body needs to function correctly.
  • Psychotherapy – using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EVOX, and kinesiology.
  • Parasite, harmful bacteria, viruses, Candida, and fungus detoxification.
  • Infrared sauna – Each room is equipped with a Far Infrared Sauna.
  • Jade thermal Spinal Realignment therapy – all our organs are represented in the spinal column; thus, if there is a disk that is even slightly out of place, corresponding organs will be deprived of the necessary energy and signals.
  • Cellular Restoration – a diseased cell often oscillates at low MHz levels, and our system helps restore the cellular energy to normal levels.
  • Homeopathic formulae.
  • Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing – using bio-resonance equipment that can examine hundreds of foods to determine any intolerance or allergy that you might have.
  • Enemas – Flaxseed oil, Coffee and green tea enemas are part of the Budwig protocol
  • Fitness programs – Our clinic is a 20-minute walk through a beautiful park to the Mediterranean beach for daily exercise and sunshine. Also, each room is equipped with a mini rebounder.
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy

The Budwig Way

We have a wide array of different treatments and methods available to help in the fight against cancer. But underpinning all this is a simple idea – you’re more likely to get well if you allow your body a healthy base to start from. With a healthy diet incorporating Budwig formula muesli, healthy lifestyle, fresh air, and gentle exercise, we find our patients’ health naturally improves. Good baseline health gives your body the best chance to fight disease, and that’s what we aim for at The Budwig Center.

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