Stomach Cancer Treatment

The Truth About Stomach Cancer

Are you in need of stomach cancer treatment? Like many other types of cancer, stomach cancer is on the increase. In fact, stomach cancer is now the 15th most common cancer in the United States. There are more than 26,000 new cases diagnosed each year, according to the American Cancer Society.

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments For Stomach Cancer

Firstly, at the Budwig Center, we have realized that you need to give a very ‘personalized’ approach to each cancer patient. Therefore, at our holistic cancer clinic, no two cancer patients will receive exactly the same program of treatments. Because each one of us has our own make-up, such as our own unique fingerprints we need individualized treatment. With that in mind here are some of the natural stomach cancer treatment that we could use at our alternative cancer clinic:

  • FOUR-IN-ONE is our “crown jewel” of therapies as this natural cancer treatment combines (1) heat (Far Infrared), (2) acupuncture (but without the needles), (3) energy balancing, and (4) vibrational frequencies all in one and simultaneously. Our trained therapist would pass the handheld device over these areas for stomach cancer.
  • a medically approved device), which we have nicknamed a “human vacuum cleaner” pulls toxins from the 2,000 pores on the bottom of each foot. As toxins are probably the principal cause of most cancers, we put a lot of emphasis on detoxification at our natural cancer clinic for stomach cancer, as well as all other types of cancer
  • Phyto/Herbal remedies that contain pure extracts of plant-based origin to bring the stomach and digestive system back into harmony and expels harmful toxins.
  • Matrix Regeneration is a unique therapy that gathers information as the handheld rollers are passed over the spinal column and then takes that energetic signal and reverts it back into the spin much like the principles of homeopathy
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or also called Tapping helps neutralize years of toxic negative emotional trauma. In natural psychology stomach cancer corresponds to the negative emotions of “indigestible anger or swallowed too much”. We use four different emotional rebalancing therapies at our natural alternative cancer treatment Clinic to deal effectively with these issues

Stomach Cancer treatment exampleThe truth about stomach cancer is you can use the natural Budwig approach with good results. Here is what Agota Poros had to say after being treated at our natural alternative clinic:

“After all the relevant stomach cancer testing, I am cancer free again. Following my positive biopsy results in 04/2015, I was researching only alternative options. The Science-based, proven complex approach of Dr. Budwig and Mr. Jenkins made me put all my eggs into the basket of his distant healing program. Besides the World famous Budwig Diet, the organ-specific detoxifications, and the multiple ways of immune system strengthening, it was the recommended emotional treatment, that helped me tremendously to keep my spirit up and to see the end of the tunnel. It is great to plan for the future after all these challenges at the 66. I am writing this letter also to express my gratitude to Mr. Jenkins for his heart filled guidance and to his professional staff.”


Agota Poros

Many more natural stomach cancer treatments would be used and to find out more click here to visit the “Our Therapies” section on this web page.

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