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Thank you for choosing the Budwig Center. We view it as our responsibility to provide an effective program that cancer patients can trust. Additionally, our goal is to ensure that these individuals, many of whom are fragile or weak, are given the very best care. We want all our patients (and their caregivers) to be comfortable and feel at home. When you arrive at the clinic, you will undoubtedly have questions, so we here provide you with a brief overview of what will happen in the first few days of the Program.


Dr. Natalia will have a medical consultation with you on the first day that you arrive:

Robin will do a full Body VEGA test & GSR scan on the first day that you arrive

Lloyd Jenkins, owner of Budwig Center:

Kathy will help you with:

         Please Note:

  • Please have your breakfast in your apartment before you arrive at the clinic.
  • We provide lunch in the Budwig Kitchen from Monday to Friday which is included in your program. One companion can eat with you at no extra cost. Additional companions pay 15€ per meal.
  • Lunches are available between 13.00 and 15.00. After this, any patients that have not been able to enjoy their meal in the kitchen can take the meal to their apartment to eat it there.