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What Complementary Treatments Are Used At The Budwig Center?

What We Do…

The Budwig Center treats the cause of cancer, and not just the symptom. The Budwig protocol is very successful because it addresses the 4 main causes of cancer and most other chronic illnesses, which are:

  • Viruses and other harmful pathogens (microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites)
  • Toxins, (ie. Chemical toxins, as well as emotional shock and/or stress)
  • Inadequate nutrition causing malfunction of major organs and a lack of adequate oxygen in the cells.
  • Weak or compromised Immune system.

What You Can Expect

At our Cancer Clinic we teach ways to help you recover your health by implementing a multi-faceted and totally natural program based on the methodology of Dr. Johanna Budwig.
As soon as you arrive at the Budwig Cancer Clinic you will be provided with a schedule of the different therapies and programs you can expect to receive.

Robin, our VEGA test and GSR Personalized scan expert, will perform a full body scan on the first or second day of your arrival. This test is to evaluate the condition of your entire body, the major organs, your teeth, nervous system and immune system, level of parasite/virus/fungal infections, as well as verifying your hormonal and emotional factors.

This information, combined with all your medical records, will enable us to offer you a very personalized therapeutic approach. You will then receive a selection of natural remedies with complete instructions.

Robin Jenkins
Position:Vega Test Supervisor

Dr. Isabel or Dr. Lopez, will examine your medical records along with the scan results and discuss them with you, and then outline the best therapies suited for you during your stay at our clinic.

Once our team of experts has outlined your personalized program, Dr. Isabel and our registered nurse, Angel, will organize your daily schedule of therapies and treatments. Some of the important therapies you may receive (this is adjusted according to your health condition, the scan and your medical records) could be a hydro colonic irrigation session, hyperthermia (whole body and/or local), Bio-Magnetic therapies, Jade Bed meridian alignment therapy, Infrared saunas, psycho (emotional) treatments with David, and reflexology with Kathy, who is also our nutritional expert.

Kathy will also spend time with you on your arrival to help get you oriented and explain the Budwig nutritional approach in detail. The owner of the Budwig Center, Lloyd who is a Naturopath will hold group discussions and explain the Dr. Budwig approach as he goes through the official guide. You will be invited to ask any questions and clarify any doubts or concerns you might have.

Dr. Isabel
Position:Medical Specialist

Additional Helpful Information

Many of our visitors comment on how caring and kind our staff is. Being a small private clinic we endeavor to make you feel at ease and well supported during this very important time in your life. We like to have you at our clinic from 9:30am and we finish up about 2pm. After which you can return to your apartment to eat, rest, do some rebounding, Chi Energy sessions, and the Infrared sauna. We also encourage you to take relaxing strolls along the beach or in one the gorgeous local parks and/or tour the historical area of Malaga City. There are also plenty of stores, shopping centers, and restaurants in the area.

When your treatment period ends and you return home, the Budwig Center will continue to support you with informative emails and Newsletters. Every 45 days you will be able to do another test or GRS scan as you will receive your own personal GSR hand cradle to take home for future scans via the internet, to monitor your progress and offer additional suggestions.

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