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The Formation of Tumors – What is The Primary Cause?

The consumption of refined sugar contributes to the formation of tumors. Why? Because tumors ferment, and to do so use refined sugars. Our ancestors consumed less than 2 Kg or 4 pounds of sugar per year. Now, in America alone, many consume as much as 80 kg or 176 pounds per year. Think of that, 2 kg to 80 kg of dangerous white refined sugar every year.
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Five Ways the Budwig Diet Removes Tumors – Naturally

[1] Stops Feeding The Tumor:
The first thing we advise our cancer patients is to cut out all refined white sugar completely. It’s important to use healthy options instead, such as Stevia, fruit, and raw honey. Get into the habit of making homemade pastries and desserts. Almost all store-bought desserts, ice cream, and so on are loaded with refined white sugar.
At the Budwig Center, we have a designated kitchen where we make daily meals for all our patients. We make delicious desserts using liquid Stevia, raw honey, and fruit for sweeteners.
[2] Hylandia Herbal Extract:
Hylandia is extracted from brushwood berries. Studies show that is more effective in destroying cancerous cells and reducing the formation of tumors than many anti-cancer drugs on the market.
Patients experiences with Hylandia Herbal Extract:
Denise Powell – My cancer surgeon said, “I can take that tumor under the arm out, but if you get any more, you could lose your arm.” Hylandia (ECB-46) was injected into Denise’s tumor, she said; “less than 20 minutes the tumor had gone purple, then black, then in a couple of days the tumor shriveled up and died.”
Janet from Canada – Janet had a horrible tumor growing on the roof of her mouth, and the doctor suggested surgery. She was worried about how she would look after the surgery, and how long it would be before she could eat and drink as usual. Janet contacted the Budwig Center, and we put her on the Budwig protocol, including Hylandia liquid tincture. In 30 days, the tumor was gone.
Head to our testimonials page to discover the many benefits of the Budwig Protocol.
[3] Laurose Herbal Formula
Dr. Budwig used several types of herbs to tackle the formation of tumors. One of the most effective herbal formulas we use at the Budwig Center is the Laurose extract. It’s been dubbed the ‘natural chemotherapy.’ However, Unlike chemotherapy, it only attacks the cancer cells and not the healthy cells. Several clinical studies have been carried out on Laurose extract, here are some of the findings:
  • It inhibits angiogenesis. This is the process where cancer produces blood vessels and spreads.
  • It also Inhibits the NF-kB factor in cancer cells, which is the process that cells use to protect themselves when they come under attack.
  • Laurose extract induces apoptosis, or natural cell death, in cancer cells.
  • It dramatically stimulates immune activity. And it crosses the blood-brain-barrier in cases of brain cancer.
Laurose extract has had success against a broad spectrum of cancers. Doctor H. Ziya Ozel from Turkey began working with it as far back as 1966. Dr. Ozel went on to successfully treat thousands of patients. Many of his patients were in advanced stages. They tried mainstream chemo and radiation treatments, but they failed to help.
[3] Flaxseeds Reduce Tumors:
Clinical studies show that flaxseeds and flaxseed oil will naturally reduce tumors. In one study Lung tumors decreased up to 82%.
In another study, it was reported: “The women who eat the most flax lowered their risk of getting breast cancer by 62% compared to women who do not eat it.
[4] Frankincense and Myrrh Essential oil
A patient with stage 4 lung cancer with lung metastasis to bones, spine, ribs, hips, and pelvis started taking a few drops every 2 or 3 hours sublingually. She applied it topically over the affected areas and on the bottom of both feet. Within four months, the tumors receded.
[5] Sauerkraut Juice and Baking Soda Baths
Tumors produce a dangerous type of lactate that creates a very pH acidic environment within the body, ideal for cancer to thrive. Sauerkraut juice and baking soda baths will remove about 85% or more of the harmful lactate from the cancer patient’s body, which will help reduce tumors. For brain cancer patients, regular consumption of coconut oil is also beneficial in reducing the size of brain tumors.
For more information on tumors, go to our YouTube FAQ Playlist. And don’t forget to download your FREE copy of The Budwig Guide.

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