Wheat Grass, a Potent Anti-Cancer Food

Wheat Grass Killed My Cancer

Jak Burkowski, contacted us at the Budwig Center, a natural cancer treatment clinic, on December 8th, 2022, with these comments.
“I started taking powdered wheatgrass twice a day and it is the only thing that brought me into remission”

Jak also mentioned that when he consumed the wheat grass only once a day it did not make any difference, he insists it must be taken twice a day. He also enjoyed the Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese as well as Kombucha, kefir cultured vegetables, sourdough bread and following a vegetarian diet but he is adamant that as he said, “It’s the wheat grass that killed my cancer”..

25 Good Reasons to Consume Wheat Grass

If you or a loved one has cancer, there are 25 good reasons to add wheatgrass to your daily food program. However, everyone, even healthy people can benefit from consuming wheatgrass.

Wheat Grass powder against cancer

Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll, which is very rich in life sustaining nutrients and has been described as “the closest thing to human blood”. It basically is the “blood” of plants. Wheatgrass is made up of 70 percent chlorophyll—it’s no wonder it’s so beneficial. (1)

Many who have a low blood count and do not want to take a risky blood transfusion simply drink 2 or 3 glasses of chlorophyll and it raises the blood count to normal in just few days.

Wheat Grass Offers a Multitude of Benefits

The list is very long of the benefits one can achieve by consuming Wheat grass daily. Here are 25 outstanding benefits:

• Supports the Immune system.

• Potent anti-cancer remedy (2 tablespoons daily). (2) 

• May help reverse aging – some claim it reverses grey hair (In the 1950s, nutritionist Ann Wigmore said it turned her hair from dark grey to jet black in her late years).

• Reduces inflammation associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

• Excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and B vitamins.

• Important source of minerals, like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

• Provides essential enzymes and amino acids.

• Rich in fibre, just 1 tablespoon of wheatgrass has four grams of fibre, which is about 14% of the daily value for the nutrient.

• Suppresses hunger, cleans the blood and combats odour.

• Helps curb food cravings.

• Balances blood sugar levels.

• Helps with skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. (3)

• Helps get rid of pimples and acne. (4)

• Rinsing hair with wheat grass juice fights dandruff.

• Oxygenates the blood and improves circulation.

• Helps reduce weight. (5)

• Carries toxins from your liver and kidneys. (6)

• Improves digestions and combats Inflammatory Bowel Disease, so instead of antacids for heartburn or indigestion, try wheatgrass.

• Stabilizes lipid levels, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and hyperlipidaemia. (7)

• Helps overcome anxiety.

• Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. (8), (9)

• Helps with upset stomach, nausea, constipation, headaches.

• Helps control a fever.

• Rinsing the mouth with wheat grass juice is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can reduce the risk of cavities.

• Helps increase fertility. (10)

Is Wheatgrass Juice Easy to Drink?

Kille Cancer

If you mix wheatgrass powder into a tasty natural sugar free juice it is very easy to drink down. Wheatgrass juice on its own has a grass flavour. Besides wheatgrass juice, powders, capsules, and tablets are also available. These are typically made with dehydrated or freeze-dried wheatgrass. However, the powder form is more economical and easy to take in a juice or smoothie.

Be careful however, wheatgrass is a powerful detox product so if you take too much you might feel some nauseous.

Best to take it on an empty stomach just before the meal. Start off with 1 level
tablespoon once a day and then the 2nd week try to take 1 tablespoon just before breakfast and another just before your noon or evening meal. However, wheatgrass is not a meal substitute.

Wheatgrass a Superfood

Increase Fertility

If you’re trying to get pregnant, wheatgrass may help you in that quest, according to one recent study. (10) Wheatgrass contains P4D1, which is a compound that impacts sperm cells and DNA, ultimately increasing fertility, according to Dr. Yasuo Hotta, a biologist at the University of California, San Diego. With its ability to increase blood supply, improve immunity, and fight off harmful substances, it is logically making the perfect environment for creating life.

"Super-food" for livestock and chickens

A famous study centered on the livelihood and egg output of 106 hens. When Schnabel received the hens, they were sick and dying. Schnabel restored their health by feeding them a mixture of fresh cut, young oat grasses and greens. On July 31, 1930, his efforts proved fruitful—he got 126 eggs from 106 hens; a remarkable feat, considering that hens generally lay a maximum of one egg per day. (11)
At the Budwig Center, a cancer treatment clinic in Europe, we encourage all our patients to add Wheatgrass powder/juice to their daily regime and consume it twice a day along with the Budwig approved foods.


Young children, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using wheatgrass.