Why Choose Budwig Center Treatments?

Budwig Center in an oncological clinic that offers natural and complementary medicine for cancer patients. But why should you choose use to help you recover and heal?
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Our Approach

If you want to go to just one clinic to receive all the holistic and natural treatments that you have been looking for, then the Budwig Center is the right place for you. Whether you are searching for these types of therapies as an alternative to traditional treatment or as a compliment for what you are already doing, when battling with a chronic illness, our protocol will effectively address all the issues that contribute to cancer.

We have a diverse and professional team all under the same roof so that all you have to worry about is the plane ticket to our Cancer Clinic, located in Malaga, Spain.

We provide you with lodging, a complete and integrative treatment plan and all the help and guidance you will need so that when you go home you will feel confident that you are on the right path.
At our Cancer clinic, you can consult with Doctors, Naturopaths, Oncologist, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist and other therapists specializing in their respective fields. Many patients notice that they feel stronger, sleep better and have an improved appetite and less pain. The information provided that explains how to continue the programs upon returning home will empower you to take care of your health the way nature intended. We want to help you discover how to help your body heal itself.
That is why we recommend the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese remedy of Dr. Johanna Budwig which floods the body with natural oxygen. Our highly nutritional approach also helps your DNA to produce healthy cells instead of distorted and diseased cancer cells.

In addition, we combine homeopathic and herbal remedies in conjunction with several other therapies, such as hyperthermia, selected frequencies that destroy cancer-causing microbes, psychotherapy/emotional sessions, and detoxification programs. These are just some of the basic therapies we offer.

Our Staff Includes

  • Medical Doctor
  • Naturopaths
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Bioenergetic Restoration
  • Dietician
  • Par Biomagnetic Therapist
  • Additional Admin to Help


Our Personalized Approach

The Budwig Center offers a combination of natural remedies and therapies that takes into account the individual needs of each person.

Therefore we adapt our therapies and programs to your particular health issues. We thus require patients to submit a full ‘Budwig Health Report’ along with recent medical records so that we can initiate an effective protocol. Medical records that are not more than 3 months old, blood test, diagnostics, scans and medical reports are needed.

Flexible & Affordable Programs

In our effort to help as many people as possible, we provide programs that can be done in the privacy of your own home, for those cases where the patient is not able to travel to our clinic.  You can choose one of the Home Programs that we offer:

We also have a complete Health Recovery Program designed for people who want to regain body balance and overcome some chronic illness. This program can be done remotely or in our oncology clinic.

Our most effective treatments are the two and three week packages.


Two-Week Program

Two week program – €11,400 (or $12,950 USD)


Three-Week Program

Three week program – €14.900 (or $16,950 USD)

Why not find out more?

You can enjoy your stay in one of our fully equipped apartments, located right next to the clinic, and close to local supermarkets, the beach, as well as the many tourist and culture centers of the city. The Malaga International Airport is only 10 to 15 minutes from our clinic.