10 Reasons Why Many People Choose The Budwig Center

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People from all over the world have chosen the Budwig Center for oncology support. Over the years, the comments we have received have been very positive, with many people praising the work we do at our clinic. Why did they choose the Budwig Center?

Here are 10 of the most common reasons:


The protocol established by Dr. Johanna Budwig has proven to be very beneficial when followed correctly. Many clinics and Health Centers claim to offer the Budwig protocol, however they do not follow it properly as outlined by Dr. Johanna Budwig. Others talk about the Budwig Protocol and some of Dr. Budwig’s techniques. Sadly, they also endorse other therapies that nullify the Budwig approach, such as intravenous vitamin therapy, oxygen therapies, and more.

The Founder of the Budwig Center, Dr. Lloyd Jenkins Ph.D., personally visited Dr. Johanna Budwig in Germany, where she explained to him in detail the merits of her methods and why it’s essential to adhere strictly to her original program. Those searching for the original holistic program of Dr. Budwig are happy to learn that the Budwig Center proudly provides the original Budwig Protocol.


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We view it as our responsibility to provide a quality program that you can trust. Additionally, it is our goal to make sure that these individuals, some of whom are fragile and weak, are given the very best care. We want our clients (and their caregivers) to be comfortable and feel at home. Thankfully, many satisfied clients have spread the word about our excellent staff.

For example, in January 2018, Michelle from France enrolled in one of our programs after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After leaving the clinic, she made these comments:

“In all my life, I’ve never met such nice and friendly people as I have in your clinic. I found you very competent and really appreciated that you listen to the patients; this is an extraordinary quality that is rarely seen in the medical world today. The good food and the expert treatment from your staff were very important to me. Also, the sharp pain that I had before coming to your clinic has calmed down with your herbal compounds. The latest scan shows that my cancer has stabilized.”


Dr. Johanna Budwig was a firm believer that the sun has many benefits. She was known for instructing her patients to sunbathe for 20 minutes each day, and this is one of the many reasons why we established the clinic in the south of Spain. We enjoy more than 300 days of sun each year. It’s a place where clients can disconnect and entirely focus on their health – both physical and emotional.

For many of our clients, being near the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, taking relaxing walks through the nearby parks, and the laidback Spanish culture have contributed significantly to their health journey. We are located in the heart of Costa del Sol in Torremolinos. One client commented that they loved the fact that the Budwig Center is close to Málaga, which is home to the Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, and has a rich history with several museums, including the famous Picasso Museum.

Costa del Sol has become one of the most important destinations in Europe because so many want to experience the relaxing Spanish lifestyle as well as the Mediterranean diet. We are a 15-minute drive from the international airport, and we are situated in a relaxed and quiet environment.


Before coming to our clinic, most people spend a lot of time reading on our Web page about the many integrative therapies that we offer. Many have been impressed to learn about Hyperthermia and how heat can be used to create an artificial fever. Learning about our therapies has been the catalyst that prompted many to choose the Budwig Center.

We provide an array of natural treatments such as Far Infrared Heat sessions, Foot Detox sessions, Matrix Homeostasis Restoration therapy, Cellular Regeneration therapy, ionic detoxification, terrain balancing, and four different emotional healing and balancing therapies, etc.

The Budwig Center is one of the few clinics in the world that applies the Four-in-One device.


Those who come to our clinic have expressed appreciation that we have sourced the most potent plant extracts for health and immune system support. Herbal combinations can help with detoxification, pain, Candida, insomnia, lack of energy, lack of appetite, and depression.

Dr. Budwig’s research helped us appreciate from very early on that each client has to be treated as an individual, so we perform a personalized test called the Vega med test and GSR scan. This provides us with vital insights into the client’s condition that allows us to know the exact remedies that will be the most helpful in improving their quality of life.


Of great concern to those who come to the Budwig Center is what type of food can contribute to their health. Especially when dealing with a chronic illness, the food we consume can make a difference in our health and wellness.

This transition can be daunting for many. So, we established the Budwig Kitchen. We demonstrate how to make healthy and delicious food dishes that are approved by the Budwig Protocol. 

You go home with an official Budwig guide loaded with recipes to continue preparing and enjoying these healthy meals when you return home.


Another attraction to the Budwig Center is that because we are in the heart of a popular tourist destination, it is easy to find comfortable accommodation walking distance to our natural clinic. Apartments are available on platforms like booking.com, airbnb.es, homeaway.com, and many more.

The advantage of staying in these local apartments is that you can bring a companion. Besides, Torremolinos is a small town, so most people don’t have to worry about renting a car, parking, and finding their way around.


Being diagnosed with cancer is a shock. A person has to make significant adjustments in their life as well as their finances to deal with this health issue. With this in mind, we have made the programs’ prices very economical, so as many people as possible can benefit from our protocol and the information we provide.

We offer one, two, and three-week programs that are all complete, ensuring that there are no additional fees once someone begins. This means that the therapies, the various tests, the remedies, and food, are included.


In a world where no one seems to have the time to listen and genuinely take time for a heart to heart conversation, at the Budwig Center, we recognize the value and importance of these types of exchanges with our clients. We make it our priority to listen to each client and take the time to understand each person’s health situation as well as their life situation in general, as this is a key to be able to offer the needed health guidance.

Our clients greatly appreciate the individualized pace of the therapies as well as the beneficial exchanges on many topics related to health and wellness that provide important information and tools in order to return home with confidence to be able to follow the Budwig Protocol with a healthy mind-set.


We have found that being able to communicate feelings and symptoms as openly as possible is tremendously important when dealing with any illness, especially a chronic one.

Our staff speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian fluently and have an understanding of Italian, Portuguese, and Polish. This has enabled us to serve people from very different parts of the world. Being able to speak and be understood in their language has made our clients feel comfortable, and it has given them confidence in what they are doing and learning.

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