LifeWind TeraHertz Wand Professional

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NOTE: The Gold Terahertz Wand is only available for Canada/USA 110volt (the 220volt model is no longer available).

07. Professional/Clinical Model (same as Professional Model selling for $4995 in other stores)

If you can operate a hair dryer you can operate the LifeWind Wand – It’s as Easy at That!

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1000-Watt           110 volt Zero RadiationLonger application tube than 06. Model offering a quieter soundOffers 9 therapies combinedLonger Optical Crystal Quartz Cylinder than 06.
Sound / Light / Blowing air all combinedTeraHertz frequenciesQuantum frequenciesDouble Cylinder offers greater heat resistance
Negative Ions1 Year WarrantyGold or Black colorsInstructions and Application Chart
6 lights including Far Infrared light100+ trace mineral frequencies3-hour operating time until cool down neededBlue guidance light
3 speed and temperature settings using easy “roller lock”Warm /slow blowingHot / slow blowingExtra Hot / fast blowing

Terahertz Wand Instructions

Most of us just use the “Medium” Nº 2 setting on the wand for everywhere on the body as well as charging the water daily. Even though Nº 1 and Nº 3 sound louder than Nº 2 the Nº 1 is “cooler” and Nº 3 is “hotter and deeper penetration” so each one has its purpose so don’t worry too much about how loud each setting sounds. As a general rule more sensitive areas use setting Nº 1 and for areas you need more intense penetration like a frozen shoulder or sciatica use setting Nº 3. Basic rule is to hold the wand at a comfortable distance that its bearable but will not burn you.

Here are instructions about how to use the LifeWind Terahertz Wand safely. You can do it by yourself or have somebody else help you. 

Please follow the instructions carefully so as to avoid causing injury or damaging the Terahertz device. 

NOTE: The Gold Professional Wand is only available in 110volt Canada/USA market

Charging Your Water

  • Water should ONLY be in a glass recipient, not metal, plastic ceramic, wood, or any other material.
  • You can blow from the top into the water in which case if you are charging a big 5 or 10-liter container you could attached the wand to a hair dryer stand or some other system to hold it.
  • Also, you can charge the water by blowing through the sides of the glass bottle.
  • Drink 2 glasses (16oz/500ml) of hot or room temperature “charged” water before and after each session. You could drink it slowly starting 30 minutes before or after sessions.
  • Charge 10 liters water for 8 minutes / 5 liters water – 5 minutes / 2 glasses 500ml/16oz water – 1 minute and the charge will last for 24 hours.

Terahertz Wand Sessions

  • The best results are obtained when you blow directly on bare skin that has no oils or creams or lotions. However, be sure you are in a nice warm room and you stay warm during the entire session.
  • The 2nd best option is through clothing, but avoid synthetic materials and best to use organic non bleached natural cotton.

Use a Portable Hair Dryer Stand

As you will be using this amazing Terahertz healing wand daily anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes or more at a time, consider investing in a hair dryer stand.  (Sold on Amazon). Here are the advantages:

  1. You can self-treat yourself and no need to involve another person
  2. You will not tire out your arm holding the wand for up to 40 minutes or more while treating different areas
  3. Less risk of dropping the Terahertz wand which could damage the optical crystal inside and rending the device useless
  4. You could lie in a bed and then just turn over to treat the back area, moving up and down on the bed to cover the entire body from head to toe.

The hair dryer stand is flexible and adjustable enabling you to treat all the different areas with more ease.

Use a timer or your Stopwatch on Your Phone

You will do 2 – 3 minutes on each main point and extra time on areas that need more Terahertz therapy, therefore a “timer” would be a practical addition.

Detailed Instructions

[Connect the top blower part to the handle part by pushing downward while holding the button, rotating the top part to the left until you hear a “click” – do the opposite to separate the 2 parts]

• Be sure to plug into correct voltage (i.e., 110volt North America or 220volt Europe/Africa)
• Keep wand dry – do not put near open water source, such as a sink, shower, bathtub, or wet surface
• To avoid breaking the crystal inside the wand – do not drop – best ti use on soft surface, such as a bed
• Best results blowing directly on bare skin free of oils and lotions – 2nd option is over pure cotton clothing
• Drink 2 glasses (16oz/500ml) of hot or room temperature “charged” water before and after each session
• Charge 10 liters water for 8 minutes / 5 liters water – 5 minutes / 2 glasses 500ml/16oz water – 1 minute
• Shower or bath before each session or wait 4 hours after sessions to shower
• Do not eat any cold foods or cold drinks or sit directly under fan or A/C after a treatment session
• Do not use directly over area where there are cancer activity/tumors, with pacemaker, stent, drug pump, prosthesis, metal plates, a traumatic fracture or unhealed surgical or open wounds or areas where there is bleeding.
• Do not use in case of severe acute heart disease, extreme hyperthyroidism, or organ dysfunction, active tuberculosis, acute hepatitis or severe case of diabetes.
• Use maximum 10 minutes only per day on main points if pregnant, menstruation or breast feeding.
• Blow on the sides of the head only and not the top of the head if you suffer from high blood pressure.

How To Treat Problems With The Terahertz Wand

Treat following problems by first doing all main points for 20 minutes, then another 10 minutes on specific areas related to the condition and if you have a chronic condition do this twice daily (total 60 minutes)

• HEADACHES: blow on the back of the neck, shoulders, ears and head
• EARACHE: blow directly on the ears, back of the neck, the waist, and kidneys
• NASAL/SINUSES: blow on the back of the neck, front and back of lungs as well as the nose area
• TOOTHACHE/ORAL ULCER: back of neck, front and back of lungs, directly into the mouth
• SORE THROAT/COUGH/TONSILS: back & front neck, front & back of lungs, directly into the mouth
• COLD/FLU: Blow all around the back and front of neck and throat, spleen and stomach
• FEVER: Blow extra time on palms, soles of feet, chest, and spine
• SHOULDER/NECK/NUMBNESS: palms, fingers, arms, soles of feet, back of neck and shoulders
• BREASTS: back of neck, shoulder blades, arm pits, breasts (gently massage breasts while blowing)
• SPLEEN/GASTROINTESTINAL: back of neck, spleen, stomach and spinal column and back area
• BACK PAIN: palms, soles of feet, entire spinal column, and area where back pain is located
• CONSTIPATION: entire back, front of lungs and stomach
• FEMALE GYNECOLOGICAL: buttocks, waist, groin and (low speed on perineum)
• PROSTATE/ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: waist, kidneys, groin, (low speed on perineum)
• HEMORRHOIDS: palms, soles of feet, entire back then directly on hemorrhoid area
• ATHLETES FOOT/NAIL FUNGUS: entire back, liver, gallbladder, directly on affected area of the foot
• SKIN PROBLEMS: entire back, lungs, affected skin areas (blisters/itchy = sign of healing)
• WOUND: blow over wound in circular motion 2 or 3 times a day 15 minutes per session
• INSOMNIA: back of neck, shoulders, entire back and then the head (and take “high dose” melatonin)
• HYPERTHYROIDISM: back of neck, front & back of liver, thyroid area (blisters, redness, hotness = healing)
• VARICOSE VEINS: palms, soles of feet, entire back, lungs, varicose veins (itching, blisters = healing)
• GOUT: palms, soles of feet, entire back, kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, gall bladder (blisters, pain=healing)
• RHEUMATIC JOINT PAIN: palms, soles of feet, entire back, painful joints (blisters, more pain = healing)
• OBESITY: palms, soles of feet, entire back, spleen, stomach, gall bladder, liver, and both thighs
• HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: entire palms, entire soles of feet, blow only downward on entire back, (do not blow on the head 1st week and 2nd week and afterwards, blow on the sides of the head and not the top of the head)

NOTE:  For better results eat according to the Budwig Food Chart and brisk walk 30 to 60 minutes daily.

How To Do It By Yourself

1. Charge a 16oz / 250ml glass of water for 2 minutes, then drink
2. Place the wand on a pillow aimed at the top of the spinal column
3. Blow on all the spinal column
4. Buttocks   
5. Both Knees
6. Both feet (the entire foot)  
7. Both hands (the entire hand)
8. Top of the head (if you have high blood pressure, do only sides of the head)  
9. Armpit
10. Both sides of the neck 
11. Entire groin area (both sides)
 12. Drink another 16oz / 250ml glass of ‘charged’ water

Note: Best option is to blow on bare skin. It does not necessarily have to be done in this exact order. Start off with 1 minute on each point, if no side effects increase to 2 minutes. For chronic health conditions do 20 – 30 minutes in the morning and another 20 – 30 minutes again in the afternoon daily on affected areas until positive results are obtained. 

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