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While a hand whisk can work, most find an electric blender more effective. Using a blender ensures quicker and easier emulsification, which is crucial for optimal results. Excessive blending can damage dairy proteins, so mix at a low speed until the mixture turns slightly off-white and homogeneous, with no oil visible. Hand mixing may require vigorous and prolonged effort with a whisk. Proper mixing is vital as it preserves cysteine availability, aids absorption, and maximizes the mix’s electron-rich properties. 

Dr. Budwig recommended adding ground flaxseeds to the Budwig muesli for their lignan and omega-3 content. Flaxseeds are rich in lignans, which have numerous health benefits, including reducing tumor incidence and inhibiting tumor growth. Flax hull lignans, available separately, contain a concentrated amount of lignans, far more than flaxseed oil. Adding ground flaxseeds or flax hull lignans to the Budwig mixture is essential for maximizing health benefits.

We never recommend using pre-ground flaxseeds. When you grind flaxseeds, the most beneficial fatty acids – the threefold unsaturated fatty acids – spoil within 10-15 minutes. For this reason, it is never recommended to buy flaxseed that are already ground or to pre-grind flaxseeds for later use. Ground flaxseeds quickly oxidate and lose their beneficial properties. Read question number 9, for more information on Linomel.

No, honey isn’t essential. Dr. Budwig introduced it in Linomel to protect ground flaxseeds during manufacturing. While honey has health benefits, its addition to the muesli mainly serves as a healthy sugar alternative. It’s optional, and some prefer to omit it. If used, choose raw organic honey. 

For ease of grinding, use a regular coffee grinder. We suggest that you have a coffee grinder that is dedicated exclusively to the grinding of flaxseeds, for best quality and taste. Flaxseeds oxidate – go rancid – in approximately 15 minutes. For this reason, we recommend that you always keep your coffee grinder clean; you can use a small paint brush to get all the old ground flaxseeds out before pouring in the fresh flaxseeds.

Dr. Budwig warned against consuming refined oils and margarine, labeling them as “dead” oils due to their detrimental effects on health. These processed oils lack essential nutrients, disrupt cell membranes, obstruct oxygen absorption, and are linked to diseases like Type II Diabetes. Their incorporation into processed foods further exacerbates health issues, hindering circulation and regeneration processes. Instead, Dr. Budwig advocated for cold-pressed, virgin, or extra-virgin oils like coconut, olive, or flaxseed oil, which offer vital nutrients and promote overall health.

Yes, there is no problem as the Budwig diet is a very healthy diet that will provide excellent nutrition for the mother and the baby.

Dr. Budwig used Eldi Oil for enemas in specific cases, typically when patients were too weak to consume the Budwig mixture. Eldi Oil R, composed of Flaxseed Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, was utilized. These enemas were administered to patients deemed beyond hope by doctors, aiding in restoring strength and digestive function. Dr. Budwig did not advocate for coffee enemas, as they conflicted with her philosophy, though they are known for liver cleansing. Notably, rectal cancer patients should avoid enemas altogether.

After achieving remission, it’s advisable to transition to the “Budwig Maintenance” program, which promotes a predominantly vegetarian diet rich in live foods. 

Over time, many individuals find their taste preferences naturally shift away from unhealthy options.

We recommend that you collaborate closely with your local physician on this matter as he/she monitors your progress. It is essential to keep in mind that the body usually becomes dependent on certain active substances to help cope with specific symptoms or deficiencies. Therefore, any changes in your medication or dosage need to be carefully monitored by your physician.

People with cancer normally have parasites in their system. In our programs, we provide information about effective herbal remedies for parasites. In addition, we encourage our patients to de-parasite their pets and to always wash their hands after touching an animal. Another helpful step is to wash your fruits and vegetables with apple cider vinegar and rinse with pure water.

No. Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Protocol has proven effective for the treatment and prevention of over 50 of the most common illnesses. It is helpful for cardiovascular health, liver and pancreas function, joint health, digestive and skin health as well as immune response.

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