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Please note that even if your type of cancer is not mentioned in this list of testimonials, that does not mean the Budwig Center and method are not for you. 

People with every type of cancer from stage 1 to stage 4 have benefited from following the Budwig protocol. We would have many more experiences to share, but very few are willing to share their private details or let people know they had cancer. 

Also bear in mind that, Dr Budwig said, “cancer is cancer” and according to the Budwig Protocol there are 4 main causes of all types of cancer, the approach we use will provide support with all 4 of them.

By removing toxins (whether chemical or emotional), balancing the body’s terrain by supporting the immune response and consuming the foods approved by Dr. Budwig, people greatly improve their quality of life.

Here are a couple of Budwig  testimonial videos.
Watch real life comments from people who have used Dr Budwig approach in the integrative treatment of their cancer.


Linda visited our clinic in May 2018. In the weeks she spent at our clinic we saw remarkable improvements in her condition. After doing extensive research and discovering the Budwig Center on thetruthaboutcancer.com website she decided to enroll in one of our clinical programs.

Testimonials & Comments

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