The Budwig Diet

Dr Budwig’s Vegetarian Food Plan

What is the Budwig diet? Is it easy for anyone to follow? Out of all the popular diets that are currently proposed for better health and prevention of disease, what many perhaps don’t realize is that the Budwig diet is one of the simplest and easiest to follow.

Put simply, to follow Dr Johanna Budwig’s vegetarian food plan, all you need to do is eat good, healthy food. That’s why we believe in the Budwig vegetarian approach.

On the Budwig diet, you are encouraged to make small healthy, practical food changes, like eliminating unhealthy, processed foods for fresh, nourishing, and unprocessed options. You will not need to figure out complex dietary plans and count calories. You don’t need to suffer from going hungry and your calorie intake is up to you.

The Budwig Protocol

Dr. Johanna Budwig was an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful biochemist with a passion for developing an evidence-based, natural, and effective approach to health. Her years of research into essential fatty acids and the effect of healthy foods as well as healthy lifestyle on disease progression and prevention have truly proved to be an outstanding contribution to science and medicine and have been an inspiration for conventional doctors and holistic practitioners alike.

Dr. Budwig created a blueprint for healthy living, which is based on a holistic understanding of the physical and emotional needs of a person.

What Is the Budwig Protocol Exactly?

As already stated, a lot of it is just common sense: eating natural, fresh food and focusing on nutritious organic fruits and vegetables. We should add to this statement an attitude of respect for the body’s wonderful ability to heal and repair itself.

When provided with the necessary elements; respect for the foods we choose to eat, being fully conscious of the value and benefit of healthy food in contrast with the unnecessary load and stress that is inflicted on our bodies by the ingestion of harmful, processed and denaturalized foods. In conjunction with respect for our emotions, thoughts and feelings, along with an understanding that every part of the body and mind is connected; our body is one beautiful and harmonious system.

The Budwig diet includes simple healthy adjustments such as:

The Budwig Muesli

An essential part of Dr.Budwig’s protocol is her ‘Budwig Muesli’, a meal centered around flaxseed oil, and quark (or cottage cheese) and flaxseeds. This is a carefully designed blend mix of essential fatty acids. Dr. Budwig was successful at helping many people to make a complete health transformation and recovery with this mix. She recommended it to everyone.

The Budwig muesli is one of the exceptions that Dr. Budwig made in the way of dairy-based food. Johanna Budwig believed in the unique health benefits of the vegetarian food plan, which she considered to be the most direct way to benefit from fresh, raw nutrients with none of the harmful toxins found in meat.

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