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Dr. Budwig's Contributions To Science

Dr. Johanna Budwig was an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful biochemist with a passion for developing an evidence-based, natural, and effective approach to health.

Her years of research into essential fatty acids and the effect that healthy foods and healthy lifestyle have on the progression and prevention of disease, have proved to be an outstanding contribution to science and medicine and continue to inspire conventional doctors and holistic practitioners alike.

Dr. Budwig created a protocol based on a holistic understanding of the physical and emotional needs of a person.

One of the Main Causes of Cancer

A central part of Dr Budwig’s investigation were fats and their connection to cellular oxygenation [1]. An important event, that preceded Dr. Budwig’s discovery, occurred when a German doctor named Otto Warburg (1931 winner of the Nobel Prize) made some key discoveries regarding cellular oxygenation and its relation to cancer. He demonstrated that due to their inability to interact with oxygen, cancer cells develop an anaerobic metabolism. 

This breakthrough turned out to be a milestone in understanding cancer and shifted the thinking of many researchers on how to treat this disease. It was only a few years later that Dr. Johanna Budwig brought this discovery to another level when she brought to light the mechanisms of how and why this happens.

Dr. Budwig also was able to explain which specific foods (more specifically, fats) contribute to cellular oxygenation, while also demonstrating which ones do the opposite. But she did more than that. She also provided insight into the way fats interact with proteins within the cell and the relation that healthy and unhealthy fats have to cancer development [2]

What Did She Discover?

Thanks to Dr Budwig’s contributions in this field, the discovery was made of a diet that is scientifically proven to prevent and even treat cancer. 

What did she discover? Regarding the Budwig mix, Dr. Budwig would regularly analyze the blood of her patients to determine their condition and progress. During blood analysis of a terminally ill patient, it was common to notice that the blood had a greenish color, which indicated a lack of oxygen.

After feeding them her mixture of flaxseed oil and quark (German cottage cheese), she would observe the changes in the patients’ blood, finding that it had started to display a bright red color, which is a very positive indicator of increased oxygen within the system [3].

What Is the Budwig Protocol Exactly?

Put plainly, it’s a combination of flaxseed oil, cottage cheese, organic foods, natural herbal formulas, exercise, fresh air and sunbathing in a controlled and healthy way. The main scientific or clinical aspect of Dr Budwig’s discoveries relates to foods, particularly fats. Budwig demonstrated that the foods we eat can make a huge impact on cellular oxygenation.

However, Dr Budwig’s protocol and research were not limited to diet. She also provided guidance regarding physical activity, sun exposure, healthy habits and also preached respect for our emotions, thoughts and feelings, along with an understanding that every part of the body and mind is connected; that our body is one beautiful and harmonious system.

Dr Budwig’s simple techniques provided patients with renewed energy and much needed support to make a remarkable difference in their health.

The Budwig Protocol – The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

If you were to undertake listing all cancer-causing factors present in our modern world, you would likely come to this conclusion: “Modern life is cancer-causing in itself!” And you would be right; there are simply so many aspects of modern living that in one way or another contribute to cancer, that is why today, more than ever, we need what Budwig was providing for her patients already decades ago: a blueprint to healthy living.

Here is a brief list of the main aspects of the Budwig Protocol:

Second Nature

These aspects of the Budwig Protocol need to become second nature to all who desire to live a “non-carcinogenic” lifestyle and each of these points (at least in part) are proposed not only for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, but as a preventative approach. When you follow the Budwig Protocol, whether your goal is to regain your health or simply to maintain it, you feel more alive, stronger, more energetic and cheerful, and you experience noticeable improvement in your overall health. 

Dr. Budwig and all those of us who have had the privilege and honor of applying her protocol to help people restore their health, have had the joy of seeing so many people turn around from health conditions that were considered to be hopeless. This reality gives us confidence that cancer should not be considered a death sentence, and motivates us to continue Dr Budwig’s work and help as many people as possible to learn about her protocol.

Applying the Budwig Protocol may seem daunting at first, and we want to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed in doing so. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the Budwig Protocol and how it can help you personally. You can reach us below. 

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