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There's Another Way

Regular treatment offers relatively small long-term results and high chances of reoccurrence.

All while constantly weakening your body.

And worst of all, most treatments don’t address what we consider to be most important.

What contributes to causing cancer.

The Cause

A main contributing cause was discovered by Dr. Johanna Budwig, in 1951.

She discovered that cancer is very closely linked to low oxygen in the cells.

More importantly, she discovered the solution to this cause: the Budwig Protocol.

The Budwig Protocol helps restore your health and the oxygen in your cells so that your body can heal naturally.

The Result

The Budwig Protocol has shown great results, and has helped countless cancer patients.

It has helped many people, suffering from different types and stages of cancer.

According to independent studies, Dr. Budwig had a reported over 90% success.

No results are guaranteed, as the results you could have with the Budwig Protocol depends on many factors.


The Budwig Center

The Budwig Center continues Dr. Budwig’s work to this day.

We help cancer patients to learn and apply the complete and original Budwig Protocol.

We do so through our distance programs, which can be done without having to leave the comfort of your home and travel anywhere.

All without compromising the potential positive effects of natural in-person treatment.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Getting started on the Budwig diet is a very important step,

And you will probably start seeing positive results soon after.

 However, without the proper guidance and support, it will be very difficult to recover from cancer, and prevent it from coming back.

Thanks to the 20+ years of experience that we have inherited from the Budwig Center clinic, we know exactly what works. Our programs help address cancer from all angles and root causes.

Apart from the diet and lifestyle changes, our program focuses on the emotional and psychological causes, which are major contributors to cancer.

Our programs provide personalized, natural remedies and cutting-edge devices that help enhance the body’s ability to heal.

The Story

Budwig Center’s story begins in the summer of the year 2000, when the founder, Dr Lloyd Jenkins, visited Dr Johanna Budwig at her home in Germany. That meeting concluded the search for the original Budwig Protocol, directly from the source.

Dr Johanna Budwig gave Dr Jenkins signed authorization to continue her work with the Budwig Center. Since 2001, Dr Lloyd Jenkins has been applying the Budwig diet and protocol with all his patients, which has allowed him to see firsthand, how effective it is. Since its founding, the Budwig Center has been the reference in following the Budwig protocol strictly and faithfully.

Our mission is to remain always faithful to Dr Johanna Budwig’s protocol and share the knowledge and experience that was gained by Dr Jenkins and his family over the years of operating the Budwig Center clinic.

Due to circumstances, the Budwig Center clinic had to close in March 2024. Dr Lloyd Jenkins and his family have passed on the authorization for us to continue the original work of Dr Johanna Budwig and the Budwig Center. They have shared with us all the information about the original protocol that they learned directly from Dr Johanna Budwig as well as all the experience they acquired while helping patients with the Budwig protocol with good results for over 20 years.

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A Brief History of Dr Johanna Budwig’s Discoveries

Budwig Protocol Success

According to Professor Brkke Halme from Helsinki, Dr Budwig had an over 90% success rate.

For the past 60 years, Dr. Budwig’s protocol has been very successful in helping people to improve their health. Her discoveries led her to identify some of the leading causes of disease. She discovered that many known chronic illnesses are due to a lack of oxygen in the body, the consumption of refined or partially hydrogenated oils, and a deficiency in essential fatty acids.

Her knowledge of physics and chemistry came into play. She utilized radioactive isotopes of iodine and cobalt to develop a technique with paper chromatography that allowed her research team to “determine the exact valences and confirm theories on fat metabolism.” She was the first to analyze fat in living blood, thus opening the door to a vastly new and essential technology worldwide.

A Bad Diet & Cancer

She noticed that sick cancer patients’ blood was all stacked together; this is called platelet aggregation. Also, the blood had a strange greenish unnatural color, which was a sure sign of oxygen deficiency.

Dr. Budwig examined her patients’ blood under a microscope before and after administering her mix of flaxseed oil and quark. She found that the blood no longer clumped together and now their blood was a bright red, which was a very positive indicator and a sign of improvement and increased oxygen intake.

Dr Budwig blamed this poor blood circulation on a “bad diet”, especially the consumption of highly processed cooking oils as in deep-fried foods, like fried chicken and French fries. 

Our cells are much like a battery, with a “negative” and “positive” charge.  Dr Budwig found that when people ate refined oils and deep-fried foods the “energy” of their cells (batteries) was disabled for a few hours afterwards, causing what she called a “dead battery”.

Dr Budwig tried many different combinations of natural foods to oxygenate the blood.  She believed that if she could restore the blood to normal, healthy blood, then she would be able to “cure” cancer and many common diseases.

Bad-Fats Oils

Bad Fats & Oils

When she gave her cancer patients the flaxseed (Linseed) oil, freshly ground flaxseeds, and Quark (cottage cheese) and then re-examined their blood under a powerful “darkfield” type microscope, she was pleased to see the sick cancer patients’ blood was now back to normal.  It was red, flowing smoothly, as healthy blood should.

Dr. Budwig goes on to say: “From 1939 on, I was in charge of the dispensary in a military hospital with 5000 beds. In 1949, I returned to Dr. Kaufmann’s facility in Munster at his request.

And I was immediately assigned the post of State Expert for Chemical Research on Drugs and Fats.  As part of an evaluation of drugs based on sulfhydryl groups, I was confronted with the fact that no blood-chemical measure existed to test fat metabolism.”

Dr. Budwig believed that these hydrogenated, processed fats and oils shut down the electrical field of the cells and make us susceptible to chronic and terminal diseases, since the beneficial oxidase ferments are destroyed by heating or boiling.

Saturated Fats & Cancer

She also demonstrated that the absence of essential unsaturated fats is responsible for the production of oxidase, which induces cancer growth and causes many other chronic disorders.

She came to believe that cancer was ….the combination of too much “pseudo” fats and too few healthy fats in the cell membrane.

But exactly what happens to fats when they are processed? Hydrogenation destroys the vital electron cloud and as a result, these “pseudo” fats (refined cooking oils, margarine) can no longer bind with oxygen or with protein.

These fats end up blocking circulation, damaging the heart, inhibiting cell renewal, and impeding the free flow of blood and lymph. You might want to remember this fact the next time you want to buy some margarine or fried foods, since both typically contain these harmful fats.


What Our Patients Have To Say

I had stage 3 bowel cancer. And I took the Budwig muesli every day for 4 months. My tumor markers have reduced and stabilized since taking the muesli, and there is no sign of cancer in my latest scan. The help and guidance that is available from the Budwig Center is incredible.
Tricia Hardisty
I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And even though, I tried a few other natural cures, there wasn't any noticeable success.
After using the flax oil & cottage cheese mixture daily for over a year now, my breast cancer has gone from large & visible to almost undetectable.
A 5 x 7cm tumor was identified in the front right lobe of my brain. A year later I started losing my balance and falling. I was losing all hope, and was severely depressed. I started the Budwig Protocol, and after 2 weeks, my cancer activity level dropped from 6 to 2 out of 10! I was finally able to return to my life.
Selin Demirhan


Dr. Budwig reported a success rate of over 90% in cases where her protocol was closely followed, even after conventional treatments had failed (1). Success hinges on strict adherence to the protocol, such as consuming the Budwig muesli twice daily, and having healthy habits. It’s crucial to follow the protocol precisely and avoid incompatible treatments for optimal results. Even so, results are not guaranteed.

(1): Dr Johanna Budwig, “Cancer – The Problem and the Solution”, section “LETTERS”, letter from Prof. Brkke Halme of Helsinki.

You can click on the link below and find the original Dr. Budwig Muesli.  The founder of the Budwig Center Clinic, Lloyd Jenkins, visited Dr. Budwig in Germany and has a copy of the original recipe in German that was translated into English.  Click HERE for the original Budwig mix recipe.

Yes, high doses of synthetic antioxidants, like Vitamin C infusions, may hinder the effectiveness of the Budwig Protocol by reducing the oxygen affinity of flaxseed oil. Dr. Budwig cautioned against synthetic antioxidants, referring to them as “electron thieves” that disrupt cellular respiration. However, naturally occurring antioxidants from food or plant extracts, taken orally in moderate amounts, pose minimal risk of interference.

Dr. Johanna Budwig preferred a vegetarian lifestyle but stated that up to 5% of protein from animal sources is acceptable. The Budwig mix provides this amount with dairy like quark or cottage cheese consumed twice daily. Occasional wild fish is allowed, especially during travel, but processed meats should be strictly avoided. To meet protein needs without meat, legumes, nuts, seeds, and certain whole grains are recommended.

It aims to target the root causes of cancer. How exactly? Click HERE to find out.

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