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Alternative Treatments for Cancer


Our doctors are well-versed in conventional medicine and collaborate with our highly qualified naturopaths to provide our patients with the most comprehensive treatments and care.


Natural medicine, combined with clinical treatments, significantly improves our patients’ health and immune system, and reduces the common side effects of conventional treatments.


The Budwig program is holistic and therefore treats not just the symptoms, but their root causes. The goal is not merely to resolve an existing illness but to prevent future ones from occurring.


The way we think and feel influences our health just as much as a proper diet and healthy exercise. We provide several emotional therapies that promote a healthy mind and body for optimum health and healing.

Success Stories

For the past 20 years, we have helped many people from various parts of the globe battle cancer and other illnesses.

They come to our clinic because they have heard about how effective our natural treatments are. These personal accounts have inspired others to see the value in pursuing a natural approach to address the disease.

By shifting to a healthier diet and lifestyle, as well as adhering to the Budwig Protocol, so many of those who have been through our programs are now living vibrant and healthy lives.

We hope that by sharing these stories, you and your loved ones can have the confidence that receiving a cancer diagnosis is not the end; for many, it’s been their beginning.

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We speak multiple languages and we aim to provide the best treatment and care possible.
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Alternative Therapies at Budwig Center

Physical And Emotional Detox








Physical And Emotional Detox

At the Budwig Center, we start with a total body cleanse because, before you can heal and repair the body, it’s logical and imperative that you remove the toxic chemicals, heavy metals and harmful pathogens that have accumulated over the years. In North America alone, more than 3,000 different chemicals are added to food products before it is available for consumption. We start with a full body cleanse to ensure that all the remedies and therapies that we offer are more effective. Just like you can’t paint over spider webs and dirt, neither can we reverse cancer until the body has started a full detoxification process.

Clinical and Home Care


Our “Eight Pillars of Healing program” provides holistic, complementary, and alternative healing methods that treat the underlying cause of cancer and not just the symptoms.


Our wellness programs allow you to pursue new healthy habits that will help you to reverse the effects of severe ailments and give you energy and vitality.


Regardless of your current health condition, our packages help you deal with issues such as cholesterol levels, insulin levels, pain, cancer, or more.


To stay on top of their health, members can pop into our clinic anytime for a monthly fee and avail themselves of any of the selected treatments, therapies, and remedies as per their plan.

Authorised By Dr Johanna Budwig

Find out how the Budwig Diet has saved thousands of lives and could save your life too. Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Are you looking for a complete program that combines both holistic and natural treatments? Then, Budwig Center is the right clinic for you.

Founded in 2003 by Lloyd Jenkins, ND, Ph.D., who personally visited Dr. Johanna Budwig in Germany and received a written authorization to continue her natural cancer healing program.

What Our Patients Say


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) And The Budwig Center


The Budwig Center has been taking steps to protect and inform all our patients and friends about the coronavirus pandemic. We work with and follow the guidelines of local and national health organizations and we make sure we are up-to-date with the COVID-19 protocols.

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