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Dr. Johanna Budwig Biography

As written by Lloyd Jenkins Ph.D., ND Naturopath at the Budwig Center.

Meeting Dr. Johanna Budwig

In August 2000, I had the wonderful privilege of personally meeting Dr. Johanna Budwig at her clinic in Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Johanna Budwig was born on September 30, 1908. She sadly passed away on May 19, 2003, after an accidental fall in her bathroom. At the time of her unfortunate demise, she was 95 years of age.

When I met her, she was in her early nineties; she was very alert and coherent which resulted in a highly interesting and enriching discussion.

The death of Dr. Budwig was a great loss, not only for Germany but for the whole world. She continued her research and studies up to the time of her death, leaving some incomplete.

She had conducted over 200 lectures worldwide and was very popular in the United States.

Dr. Budwig was considered an expert in several fields such as pharmacology, physics, and chemistry, specifically, the chemistry of fats, and she contributed to the Federal Research Institute of Fats and Oils. Today, her discoveries are still held in high regard.

Thanks to Dr. Johanna Budwig, I learned firsthand the importance of adding essential fatty acids to our diet. Her research clearly showed how these oils benefit the organism in its recovery and regeneration; thus, effectively treating some 50 common diseases, including cancer and tumor.

Dr. Budwig Discovers
the Dangers Posed by Hydrogenated Oil

Her records indicate that, over the last few decades of her life, she treated some 2500 people with a very high success rate.

During my visit to her clinic, we discussed numerous patients from different parts of the world, who visited Dr. Budwig to receive her therapies, some in a very weakened state, and how her protocol helped them recover their health.

Performing The
Budwig Protocol

Basically, it’s a combination of flaxseed oil, cottage cheese, organic foods, herbal and homeopathic formulas, exercise, fresh air and sunbathing in a controlled and healthy way. Her simple techniques provided patients with renewed energy and visible improvements, sometimes, within days.

After my visit, which included lengthy discussions and a detailed analysis of her research, therapies, and protocols, Dr. Budwig agreed to grant me the authorization to use her program and treatment methods with our patients in our alternative cancer clinic in Spain. She confirmed this in writing in the agreement that appears at the beginning of this page.

In Honor Of Johanna Budwig

In honor of her amazing legacy and her contribution to the world, we named our clinic “The BUDWIG CENTER”. We strictly adhere to Dr. Budwig’s original protocol and we continue her tenacious pursuit of new remedies, therapies, and treatments that comply with her methodology and that improve the health of our patients.

The BUDWIG CENTER is an oncology clinic approved by the Ministry of Health with two medical doctors, an oncologist, two Naturopaths, along with three expert therapists in Bio-Resonance, Bio-Magnetic harmonizing and emotional guidance as well as additional staff in administration, shipping, reception, etc.

My Conclusion

I am forever grateful that I was one of the few people that had the honor and privilege to personally visit Dr. Budwig and experience firsthand her conviction and strong determination to help people with her remarkable discovery.

I am also humbled when I now realize that she willingly shared this information with me and my colleagues. I now feel it is my duty to join the others around the world that are promoting and defending Dr. Budwig’s formula in overcoming cancer and some 50 other common illnesses.

I basically recommend to everyone that comes to our natural cancer treatment clinic to add the Budwig Muesli to their Budwig anti-cancer food plan. Cancer is NOT a death sentence; everyday people around the world are winning the fight with the Budwig protocol. Any degenerative disease is a formidable foe and it requires strict discipline and accurate knowledge of the Budwig protocol to win the battle.

If you would like to read more about Dr. Budwig’s life, work, and formula, you can get a free copy of the BUDWIG ANTI-CANCER FOOD GUIDE by clicking here.