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Pure melatonin powder (with No artificial additives, No Soy, No GMO, No Gluten or sweeteners) in the proper doses can help reset circadian rhythm and regulate the sleep-wake cycle by increasing melatonin levels.


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melatonin-60Most of us were excited when experts started talking about the “miracle melatonin” discovery.  It was dubbed the “youth hormone” and the “natural sleep remedy” for those who suffer from insomnia.  However, as many of us tried it only a few found it really helped them sleep better or noticed any other health benefits.

melatonin-60Recently new evidence has emerged that high doses of pure concentrated melatonin (not in a tablet or liquid but in a veggie capsule) is the secret to obtaining remarkable results in better sleep and even helping with serious diseases.

As we age our melatonin production decrease substantially which is what older people often suffer from insomnia. We are all exposed to LED and fluorescent lights in the evening which disrupts melatonin production. When we travel Jet lag occurs, especially if we cross multiple time zones.

Pure melatonin (with no additives or sweeteners) in the proper doses can help reset circadian rhythm and regulate the sleep-wake cycle by increasing melatonin levels. Most people find that melatonin supplementation can reduce how long it takes to fall asleep and increases overall sleep duration. How this works, is melatonin can help decrease the body’s core temperature, which promotes a faster onset of sleep.

Melatonin may also decrease risk for and aid treatment of COVID-19 and other RNA viral infections [1]

Russel J. Reiter, PhD, unquestionably the greatest melatonin animal researcher in the world, with more than 1,383 scientific articles to date (that averages 25 papers per year for 55 years). Melatonin is produced and released in your pineal gland as a response to darkness. [2,3]

Here are some of the main benefits of Melatonin-60:

  • enhancement of immunomodulation (boosts the immune system).
  • Protects against viral and bacterial infections,
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure,
  • Reduces oxidant stress and inflammation and slows aging,
  • Prevents neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Improves menopause therapy
  • Protects against ionizing radiation
  • Prevents macular degeneration

Few substances can pass the blood brain barrier, however melatonin can.  In fact, melatonin rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier and enters the central nervous system. It is thus beneficial for brain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Melatonin does not alter any other hormones. As such, there is no negative feedback inhibition.

Is High Dose Melatonin Dangerous?

A report in Medscape states that even 800 mg/kg of body weight was not found to be fatal. Humans given between 1 gm and 6.5 gm per day for 30-45 days produced no negatives [4] when their blood was analyzed.

Any reports of side effects of Melatonin are due to the poor quality of the product and additives.  Do not to take Melatonin in tablets (additives are used to make the tablets) or liquid with added sweeteners as this can cause some side-effects.  Only 100% pure melatonin powder is recommended.

Counter Indications:

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not take melatonin. Very few people will have any negative reaction to melatonin, which after all is a natural molecule the body itself produces. The most common side effects are headache, dizziness, and daytime sleepiness, which do not usually last very long.  Also keep in mind that melatonin could interact with certain medications or reduce their effectiveness. It is advised that you speak your health care professional before taking any new supplement.


[1] COVID-19 and other RNA viral infections

[2] melatonin reduces the death rate by a whopping 44% .

[3] Melatonin is produced and released in your pineal gland as a response to darkness

[4] produced no negatives

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