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Natural Alternative Cancer Clinic Featuring The Budwig Diet

“A calm heart gives life to the body" - Pr 14:30 NWT

Dr. Johanna

Detox Your Body

At the Budwig Center we start first of all with a total body cleanse, because before you can heal and repair the body its logical and imperative that you remove years of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and harmful pathogens. In North America alone, more than 3,000 chemicals are added to the food supply Then all the remedies and therapies that we use will be so much more effective. Just like you can’t paint over spider webs and dirt neither can we reverse cancer until the body has started on a full detoxification process.

There are four (4) main contributing causes to cancer, however the main cause is toxins, both from harsh chemicals and negative emotions.

At the Budwig Center will help cleanse your liver, kidneys, intestines and remove heavy metals, parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria and fungus (Candida) resulting in more energy and overall wellbeing for our patients using 2 types of clay You might ask “Do I have heavy metals in my body?”, Well, do you sometimes consume processed foods? use deodorant? take prescription drugs? Do you wrap certain foods in aluminum foil? If you have answered yes to any of these, then you no doubt have some heavy metal toxicity.

Heavy metals are everywhere and can be in ceramics, automobile seat covers, floor coverings, fertilizers, fungicides, and even white flour and soft drinks (fizzy drinks) in cans. Lead is usually found in canned food, colored, glossy newsprint, old lead pipes, seals on wine bottle tops made of lead, vehicle emissions and even refined chocolate. Mercury, another heavy metal is on the list of the 5 most toxic substances on our planet. One of the worst culprits are the so called “nickel fillings” in our teeth, which are really amalgam fillings containing mercury as well as vaccines. Also beware of most farm feed fish as they are often contaminated with mercury.

At the Budwig Center our first pillar of health is to help you detox by:

  • Colonic irrigation that flushes the entire intestinal system with warm water under at a safe level of pressure. We’ve seen some scary things come out of our cancer patients.
  • Lymph and kidneys cleansing with Linfanew® Foot detox system
  • Matrix from Germany helps detox the body by activating the sensors in our spinal column, which by the way corresponds to each and every organ in our body.
  • Coffee Enemas are one of the most effective ways to cleanse the liver. Our liver preforms over 3000 functions a day, so its imperative to have it working well.
  • Emotional detoxification therapy sessions. Using EFT (tapping) and EVOX sessions we have been able to help our patients who have had past or current emotional trauma to neutralize the negative effects. This is very important as some patients will not recover their health if they cannot “forgive” and move past horrible negative experiences. Our therapists skillfully help them learn how to do just that and control their negative thought patterns to positive healing ones. The “Healing Journey” technique is a world-famous healing method that we also teach our patients.

Oxygenate the Cells

Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered that her cancer patients and many chronically sick people have low oxygen levels. We provide the original protocol of Dr. Johanna Budwig who effectively reversed the lack of oxygen in her cancer patients’ cells, not by giving them artificial oxygen (i.e. ozone IV’s and Hyperbaric chamber) which she claimed was counterproductive with cancer, but by using flaxseed oil and cottage cheese or quark, along with sunbathing and natural remedies. Patients notice more energy and better digestion as they enjoy this special “Budwig Muesli” twice a day.

Natural Therapies

One of most effective therapies is the Frequency Generator machine emits frequencies that literally destroy vast quantities of the cancer virus and cancer pathogens.

The purpose of this Frequency Generator machine is to resonate at the same frequency that life-threatening viruses and harmful bacteria oscillate at. When the two identical frequencies meet, dangerous pathogens literally explode and leave the body.

As an example, Ella Fitzgerald shattered a wine glass by singing a note that was identical to the frequency of the glass. The Frequency Generator thus causes dangerous viruses to explode in a similar way. Everything on this planet has its own frequency and malignant cells oscillate at 42 MHz.

Our Frequency Generator device that is heads above similar machines on the market in quality and potency. This Frequency Generator really gets the “job done” in destroying massive amounts of cancer-causing pathogens without you even noticing it while you sleep at night.

There are close to 1000 different types of parasites, as well as harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and Candida that can invade our bodies and cause a lot of harm. In fact, some experts believe that most illnesses are directly or indirectly related to some form of pathogen, be it a virus or parasite

For example, people who suffer from fibromyalgia and often digestion issues are actually dealing with the Candida fungus overgrowth.

Once we control these harmful pathogens along with proper diet and some helpful natural remedies, one can start enjoying good health again.

You can put the “healing wand” beside the bed, or under the pillow or hold against your chest in bed. During the night the harmful cancer viruses will be destroyed.

The Frequency Generator has a setting to deal with basically all the common types of cancer, as well as health issues, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, Lyme, Alzheimer’s, additions, anxiety, depression, Epstein Barr, candida, gout, hypertension, prostate issues, etc.

The Budwig Diet and Activity Plan

The Budwig Center will immediately send you a copy of the comprehensive Budwig Guide as well as short instructive videos, that will literally “hold you by the hand” and walk you through the entire process.

They will help you understand the causes of cancer, how to reverse cancer, which foods contribute to disease and which foods you can enjoy for good health. You will have access to some 30 frequently asked questions, short instructive videos, meal plans and recipes as well as a list of recommended suppliers. You will also receive a “daily food and activity plan” as well as the “Keto-Budwig approach”.

Disable Cancer “Stem Cells” and Remove the “Shield”

You may have never heard that in the middle of every cancer cell there are cancer stem cells, (CSC’S). and they are very difficult to destroy.

Some researchers have called them “master cells” because they decide what the rest of the tumor cells are going to do. Yes, these deadly stem cells are in control of how fast cancer will spread and in addition, how it manages to grow and even resist harsh traditional cancer treatments. That is why often when people receive traditional cancer treatment, they seem fine for a few months, however as the cancer stem cells has not been totally disabled the cancer will often come back again and again.

In laboratory studies using mice they discovered that just a few of these cancer stem cells can cause the tumor to grow right back again whereas countless other cancer cells could not do that.So cancer cells are very hard to destroy and it is imperative that these stem cells are disabled

At the Budwig Center we disable the stem cells using three different natural plant extracts. We also use a very potent device called a frequency generator that helps disable these stem cells. Finally, the correct strain or type of cannabis or what is called CBD will help and our cold laser therapy is also effective.

So using all or at least three of these natural therapies we can achieve our goal of disabling the cancer stem cells.

Cancer cells build a special protein membrane around themselves to hide from the immune system as they act like a “shield” preventing the immune system from attacking these rogue cells. And that is why immunotherapy alone is not the full answer to cancer. Based on our personalized GSR test, we provide our patients a specific type of enzyme along with a citrus extract and Frequency Generator sessions that will strip away this protein membrane allowing the immune system to identify cancer cells.

Reinforce Your Immune System

Once we remove the protective protein membrane from the cancer cells, the Budwig Center will provide different remedies to reinforce your immune system. We use “Transfer Factors” and mushroom extracts to effectively restore the immune system to its full potential to deal with cancer and unwanted pathogens. The Budwig food plan also provides several natural herbs and homeopathic ‘anti biotics’ to keep patients energy and immune system at peak levels. Our personalized GSR test will determine which of these will be the most effective for you.

Personalized Program using GSR scanning

When you come to our clinic, we do a full body scan using four different devices. No two patients walk out of our clinic with the same remedies, even if they have the same type of cancer. Our program is “personalized”, because every human body is unique; thus, we do a full in-depth scan is done on each patient to determine the underlying causes and the best remedies and therapies for them. We test all major organs as well as for food intolerances, allergies, infections and the emotional state of health. We monitor our patients progress when they return home.

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