1) Detoxification – Physical And Emotional

What are the eight healing pillars of the cancer programs offered at the Budwig Center? First of all, we begin with a total body cleanse. Why? Before you can heal and repair the body, you must remove toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens that have built up over the years.

Toxins surround us. For example, the Environmental Defense Fund states, “Our food contains chemicals that may result in serious health risks… These substances are used to flavor, color, preserve, package, process, and store our food, but many never appear among the list of ingredients.” Over 3,000 chemicals are added to the food in North America alone.

To start the healing process, the best place to begin is by employing full-body detoxification. We target organs such as liver, kidneys, and intestines. We then focus on removing heavy metals, parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungi.

What are the results? More energy and an overall sense of well-being. As a result, the patient begins to feel healthier and stronger. Now they are ready for the following phases of the cancer healing program.

Our detox treatments include:

  • Lymph and kidney cleanse using the Linfanew® foot detox system.
  • Matrix Regeneration Therapy helps detox the body by activating the sensors in our spinal column to improve lymphatic drainage and organ function. The spinal column corresponds to each organ in the body.
  • Coffee Enemas are known to be an incredibly effective way to cleanse the liver. Our liver performs over 3,000 functions a day, so it must work optimally to benefit our overall health.
  • Emotional detoxification therapy We use various methods, such as EFT and EVOX. Utilizing these therapies and others, we have been able to help our patients, who have had past emotional trauma to neutralize the adverse effects of those experiences. We have come to appreciate that some patients will never recover their health if they are not able to move on and heal from the past. Our therapists skillfully help them learn how to do just that. The goal is to control negative thought patterns and embrace positive healing ones. The “Healing Journey” technique is a world-famous healing method that we also incorporate into our programs.

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2) Four-In-One Holistic Therapy

Ancient Chinese and Oriental medicine have classified cancer as a ‘cold’ disease. Countless case studies currently show that by applying just the right amount of heat (hyperthermia), outstanding results can be achieved.

Hippocrates made the statement, “Those who cannot be cured by medicine may be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured by surgery may be cured by heat. Those who cannot be cured by heat are to be considered incurable.
From this concept is born a therapy, which had its start in the early part of the year 2000. We call it Four-in-One Therapy, which combines: 

(1) heat
(2) acupuncture (without needles)
(3) energy balancing 
(4) vibrational frequencies

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3) Natural Therapies

A therapy which has proven to be very useful is performed using the Frequency Generator. This device emits frequencies that destroy vast quantities of viruses and pathogens.

Everything on this planet vibrates at a specific frequency. To give an example, Ella Fitzgerald famously shattered a wine glass by singing a note that was identical to the frequency of the glass. The Frequency Generator uses similar principles.

The purpose of the Frequency Generator is to resonate at the same frequency at which life-threatening viruses and harmful bacteria oscillate. For example, malignant cells oscillate at 42 MHz. When the two identical frequencies meet, dangerous pathogens are rendered inert and leave the body.

There are various Frequency Generators used around the world. However, the device we use is far superior to most with respect to quality and potency. It can destroy massive amounts of cancer-causing pathogens.

The Frequency Generator is easy to use and can be connected to you while you sleep. It has proven to be effective with all the common types of cancer, as well as other health issues, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety, depression, Epstein Barr, candida, gout, hypertension, etc.

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4) Oxygenation Of The Cells

When analyzing the condition of her patients, Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered that many had low oxygen levels, which compromises the cells. Dr. Budwig’s Protocol effectively reverses the lack of oxygen in the cells, which is known as Hypoxemia. How? Not by using artificial oxygen such as ozone IVs and Hyperbaric chambers. Dr. Budwig explained that these treatments are counterproductive for people with cancer. The method she used combined flaxseed oil and cottage cheese or quark, commonly known as The Budwig Mix (or Muesli).

To learn how this combination works, watch this video:

By consuming this mixture twice a day, along with sunbathing and specific natural remedies, her patients experienced increased energy, better digestion, and healing on a cellular level. Thus, oxygenation of the cells is one of the most integral aspects of the eight healing pillars.

5) The Budwig Diet And Nutrition

Once you enroll in one of our programs, our team will send you a copy of the Budwig Guide and the Patient’s Guide. Along with our series of short instructive videos, they will provide detailed instructions and answer any questions you may have; thus, ensuring you understand each step of the Program.

Vital questions will be answered, such as, what are the causes of cancer? How can I reverse cancer? Which foods cause diseases? What should I eat to improve my health?

You will have access to some of our extensive list of frequently asked questions, meal plans, and recipes, as well as a list of recommended suppliers. You will also receive a “daily food and activity plan”, as well as the “Keto-Budwig approach.”

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6) Disabling Cancer “Stem Cells”

In the center of cancer cells, there are cancer stem cells, (CSCs).  They are challenging to destroy. Some researchers call them “mother cells” because they decide what the rest of the tumor cells are going to do. They control how fast cancer spreads and grows, and even how it resists traditional cancer treatments. 

Very often, after receiving conventional cancer treatment, some feel fine for a few months, and then, the cancer returns. Why does this happen?  Studies have proven that because cancer stem cells have not been disabled, despite some progress, cancer often returns, in some cases multiple times. Therefore, these stem cells must be disabled.

At the Budwig Center, we use the frequency generator and other powerful therapies, alongside three different plant extracts to disable these harmful stem cells effectively.

Cancer cells build a special protein membrane around themselves to hide from the immune system. They act like a “shield,” preventing the immune system from attacking the rogue cells. That is why immunotherapy alone is not the absolute answer to cancer. 

Using a personalized GSR test, we provide our patients with a specific type of enzyme that will strip away this protein membrane. Thus the immune system can begin to identify cancer cells.

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7) Reinforcing The Immune System

Once we remove the protective protein-membrane from the cancer cells, we provide various remedies to strengthen your immune system. We use Transfer Factors and mushroom extracts to restore the immune system to its full potential effectively and to deal with cancer and unwanted pathogens. The Budwig food plan also provides several natural herbs and homeopathic antibiotics to keep the patient’s energy and immune system at peak levels. Keeping our immune system robust is essential; hence, it is a priority on our healing pillars. Our personalized GSR test will determine which of these will be the most effective for you.

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8) Personalized Programs

When you come to our clinic, we do a full-body scan using four different devices. No two patients walk out of our clinic with the same remedies, even if they have the same type of cancer. Our Program is “personalized” because every human body is unique. So a full in-depth scan is imperative as it helps our medical staff to determine the underlying causes and the best remedies and therapies to use.

We test all major organs, and we look for:

  • food intolerances
  • allergies
  • infections

Furthermore, we analyze the emotional state of each patient since emotions impact our health significantly. Interestingly, we can use a number of our devices remotely, which enables us to continue to monitor our patients’ progress many months after they leave our center.

If you or a loved one has cancer or you would like more information relating to our 8 healing pillars, please request a free consultation.