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About Budwig Center

For almost 20 years the Budwig Center has been helping people face Cancer head-on by using natural remedies and treatments. The scores of positive testimonials have only impelled us to continue to provide the best natural health care based on the protocol of Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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Meet The Budwig Team

Our diverse, experienced and multilingual team continually receives praise and thanks for the support and care they extend to the many patients who travel to our clinic from various parts of the globe.

If you are planning a trip to the Budwig Center here are the key team members who will be there to welcome you. While this is our full-time staff, we do have other part-time staff members who will assist in your stay with us.

Lloyd Jenkins PhD, Owner

Lloyd Jenkins Ph.D.

Naturopathic Practitioner & Owner of the Budwig Center

Lloyd Jenkins has a Ph.D. in Natural Health and majored in Cancer Research. He has been trained in Orthomolecular and Natural medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), as well as in the studies and research of Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck, and Dr. Hulda Clark.

Dr. Natalia Boiko M.D.

Dr. Natalia Boiko M.D.

General practitioner

A native of Ukraine, Kiev, Dr. Natalia Boiko is one of the 3000 anthroposophic physicians worldwide. She combines her medical knowledge with a holistic approach.  Her primary role is to oversee the condition and progress of all those enrolled in our programs. She also uses homeopathy and massage in her practice, and she provides expert dietary advice.

Kathy Jenkins, Manager of The Budwig Center

Kathy Jenkins

Manager, Naturopathic practitioner

Having lived in three different countries, Kathy’s diversity is a true asset as she personally liaises with patients and their families before, during and after their visit. As a naturopath, she has furthered her studies by completing accredited courses in diet, nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, and reflexology.

Robin Jenkins, Vega and GSR Therapist

Robin Jenkins

Vega and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) Therapist

For the last 10 years, Robin has been dedicated to Natural Health, working at the Budwig Center. During this time, he has done extensive research in the fields of Biofeedback, Vega testing, GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), Herbal and Homeopathic remedies, Floral remedies (Bach Flowers) and Nutrition.

Manuel Alvarado , The Budwig Center Assistant Manager

Manuel Alvarado

Assistant Manager

Born and raised in Peru, Manuel’s travels have enabled him to learn various languages and gain experience in business management. Manuel handles administration and office work, as well as the health food shop. His experience has proved invaluable for the smooth running of the clinic.

Budwig Diet Specialist

Stephanie Hinselmann

Budwig Cook

Born in Germany and raised in Spain, Stefanie has a background in macrobiotic and vegan cooking. She loves helping people discover how tasty, healthy cuisine can be. She prepares lunches and healthy beverages served at the clinic, and her goal is to motivate patients to make healthy choices and positive diet changes in their lives.

Antonia Garcia

Antonia Garcia

Expert in Bioenergetic Acupuncture and Moxibustion

A native Spanish therapist that uses kinesiology to tap into the energy points that relate to the vital organs and energy points of the body to discover the unbalances. An empathetic listener, and experienced therapist, she also uses her knowledge of Chinese medicine when applying relaxing massage techniques.

The Budwig Center is committed to implementing the original Dr. Johanna Budwig protocol that for more than 60 years has helped countless people with all types of cancer recover their health. Our main clinic is in beautiful southern Spain just a short walk to the Mediterranean Sea in the capital city of Malaga. Our “Eight Pillars of Healing program” provides holistic, complementary and alternative healing methods that treat the real cause of cancer in the first place and not just the symptoms. We treat not just the body, the tumor or the disease but also the emotional trauma that is often associated with cancer. As soon as you arrive at the Budwig Center you will notice

As soon as you arrive at the Budwig Center you will notice the warm and caring atmosphere that prevails throughout your entire stay with us. Before you return home, you will have learned how to continue the lifesaving Budwig methodology by watching videos, reading your personal copy of the Budwig “guide”, participating in group discussions, as well as personalized one on one conversations. In our Budwig kitchen, you will not only enjoy the delicious meals but also be taught how to prepare them and even how to modify your favorite recipes to be “Budwig compatible”.

Dr Johanna Budwig

Budwig Center provides you with:

Caring, knowledgeable and experienced medical and naturopathic experts offering Budwig nontoxic natural holistic treatments.
We personalize the recommended treatments and dosages based on the Vega test and GSR scan.
Before you can heal and repair the body, you must remove toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens that have built up over the years. Our goal is to address the main factors contributing to cancer. Therefore, we are able to tackle the root causes of the illness.
Dr. Budwig’s food plan allows you to enjoy many of your favorite meals. The principal factor is that now you choose quality food products and natural ingredients.
Our experienced advisors and clinicians make a holistic assessment and work together with clients to work out the best plan of care and the therapies that are right for the individual.

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