Pine Needle Oil Breathing for Cellular Oxygenation


Biocatalytic Therapy

We all recognize the importance of proper oxygenation for a healthy body. How can we increase the body’s oxygenation in a natural and efficient way? Since ancient times, health centers have been located in pine forests. In more recent times, research has revealed that under certain conditions pine resins become highly charged with oxygen, which makes them highly reactive. This is how the natural solution of Pine Needle Oil Breathing therapy was born. Pine needle extract has been used for centuries to aid a multitude of health issues. It stimulates the body and mind causing an energizing effect.

Pine needle extract especially helps with improved oxygenation. It also helps with swelling, joint pain and discomfort, congestion, and acts as an expectorant. Also, pine needle extract slows the process of cellular deterioration, thus providing anti-aging benefits. Pine needle extract is a potent antioxidant and antimutagenic.

Dr. Johanna Budwig was very keen on using all kinds of plant-based remedies, essential oils, and herbs in her clinic.

At our integrative clinic in Spain, we have our clients use a biocatalytic oxygenation device. They breathe in the volatile parts from the terpene compound extracted from the essential oil of pine resin and peroxide.


Have you ever walked through a dense pine forest and breathed in that fresh, healthy air? That is the sensation and benefit you obtain when breathing for 10 to 15 minutes with the ‘Biocatalytic Pine Needle device.’

Hippocrates called the ‘father of medicine,’ noted the beneficial effect of pine needle extracts on the human respiratory system.

Pine oil, obtained by extracting essential oils from the needles of pine trees, is a robust therapeutic aid. Many common health issues such as Flu and its symptoms, tiredness and sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, depression, and many other health problems can be supported with pine needle extracts.


Therapeutic Benefits of Pine Needle Breathing

  • The hepatic (liver) congestion is reduced
  • Cardiovascular stress reduced
  • Improvement in blood cells circulation
  • Free radicals are eliminated

To find out more about this and many other natural therapies offered at the Budwig Center, please request a FREE consultation.


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