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Improve Your Immune System

Today I would like to talk to you about how to improve your immune system, because one of the 4 main causes of cancer is a weak immune system. Our alternative cancer treatment clinic in Spain uses various natural therapies to boost your immune system.

When we think of our immune system, it is natural to think that it only serves to defend us from our microscopic archenemies (as in the case of Covid19) and prevent us from getting sick from any disease of infectious origin.

But that’s only part of the many functions it performs. Think of your immune system as your body’s police force.  The police are responsible for ensuring that everyone preforms their duties properly.

Our immune system, like a police force, act anywhere, when and wherever it is necessary to fix any malfunction of the organism.

We hear a lot about “inflammation”. When we talk about inflammation, this directly involves the immune system.  Our body activates inflammation when and were it needs to in order to try to solve any problem.

  • If there is an infection, we become inflamed to eradicate the invading virus.
  • If there are tumor cells, we become inflamed to kill the harmful cells.
  • If there is an influx of toxins, we become inflamed to neutralize those poisons.
  • If our blood pressure rises, we also become inflamed, and this could deregulate glucose levels, cholesterol, uric acid and other issues.

The problem is that sometimes that inflammation becomes chronic and turns against us, as in autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative, sustained chronic stress and any chronic disease such as kidney failure.

Then our main ally in health care becomes our main enemy.

How to Maintain a Strong Immune System 

1. Adequate hydration.

70% of our body weight is water. It is an essential component for the proper functioning of our body, of all organs in general. Water is essential for the proper circulation of the components of the immune system and the nutrients they need to function. And low-hydration states make us more vulnerable to germs and infections.

2. Balanced and healthy diet

The Budwig Food Plan is a balanced vegetarian diet that is not only important for people with cancer to adopt but everyone who is keen on preventing cancer and chronic illnesses. The consumption of legumes, vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, is very important to take care of the immune system. Studies show that a diet based on plant-based foods prevents non-communicable diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.). It also helps to improve the immune system and so boosts your health.

3. Restful sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for good health.  Sleeping the necessary hours (from 7 to 8 hours) influences the correct functioning of the circadian rhythm (periods of light and dark) and with it the action of some hormones such as melatonin, which in turn is very important for the functioning of white blood cells, essential cells of the immune system.  Most people who suffer from insomnia is often due to poor digestion.   In the evening the pancreas does not excrete as much bile which is important for digestion.  Therefore, you may find it beneficial instead of lying horizontal in bed at night to instead sit up in a big comfortable “lazy boy” type chair to facilitate digestion.  You will fall asleep easier and after a few hours you can go to bed for the rest of the night.

4. Physical activity

Neither age, nor physical condition, nor even lack of time can serve as an excuse to stop exercising.  One of the easiest and best exercises is 30 to 60 minutes daily of brisk walking.  There are some 30 health benefits to walking and improving the immune system and better sleep are just some of the benefits.  In addition, it has recently been discovered that movement stimulates the production of both bone cells and immune system cells. If there was a “pill” that provided all the benefits of brisk walking it would be one of the most popular pills on the market.  If you do not have time to walk outside an hour daily, consider walking 15 minutes outdoors and then 45 minutes indoors as you watch TV on a tread mill.

5. Hygiene

Needless to say, hygiene is another fundamental measure, starting with that of the hands (in focus since the pandemic) and oral health. Just as important as washing thoroughly is drying, otherwise the skin becomes moist and encourages the growth of fungi and other microbes.  Children will be naturally exposed to many germs at a young age and they will come down with many common illnesses, however this will actually enhance their immune system and help prevent autoimmune diseases and allergies later in life.

 6. Food supplements to improve the immune system

Transfer Factors

If you feel run down and it seems you may be coming down with the flu or a cold, take 3 transfer factors with a glass of water and in about 10 minutes you will notice your sore throat, cough or runny nose has stopped and you feel energized.  It’s one of the most effective immune enhancement supplements on the market. What are “transfer factors”? When humans and other mammals are born, the first nourishment that the mother breast feeds the new-born is not milk but a clear liquid called Colostrum. Transfer Factors are derived from this Colostrum. As nature’s first supplement, these memory molecules transfer immune experience to educate and prepare the newborn’s immune system to function in the world. Transfer Factor molecules are extracted from bovine colostrum and chicken egg yolk sources.

Vitamin C

We humans cannot make, or store Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and strengthens the cells of our immune system.  Choose natural vitamin C supplements composed mainly of rose hips and not just ascorbic acid.

Vitamin D

80% of people who were infected with Covid-19 had low Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem because this vitamin-hormone modulates many aspects of our immune function. It makes our innate immune system more efficient at killing bacteria and viruses and can reduce the frequency of upper respiratory infections.  Dr. Budwig encouraged all her patients to sunbath 20 minutes daily (when the sun was shining), which was 10 minutes on the front and 10 minutes on the back wearing as little clothes as possible.  Also 5,000iu of Vitamin D with Vitamin K daily is encouraged.

–Zinc and Selenium

Research shows that between 17% and 30% of the world’s population has a zinc and selenium deficiency, which can affect health outcomes. Vitamin D and Zinc together have been a protection even against the Covid 19 virus. They are trace elements with crucial effects on the efficacy of the cells and cytokines of our innate and adaptive immune system. They help fight viruses, protect us from free radical damage to our cells, and have been shown to shorten the duration of a cold when given as a supplement.

– Curcumin

The “magic” of curcumin, if we want to call it that, is how it decreases inflammation at multiple levels of the body, not only helping to relieve the symptoms of pain and arthritis, but also blocking inflammatory cytokines that lead to autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and diabetes.

We could continue talking about more issues related to the care of our immune system, but we will save more tips to improve your immune system for a future article.


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