Four-In-One Holistic Therapy

Four-In-One Holistic Therapy

FOUR-IN-ONE Therapy is based on Chinese and Oriental medicine. They classed cancer as a ‘cold’ disease. Today, countless case studies show that by applying the right amount of heat can produce outstanding results.

Hippocrates made the statement,“Those who cannot be cured by medicine may be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured by surgery may be cured by heat. Those who cannot be cured by heat are to be considered incurable.

From this concept is born a therapy that had its start in the early part of the year 2000 which combines:

  • (1) heat
  • (2) acupuncture (without needles)
  • (3) energy balancing
  • (4) vibrational frequencies

Clinical Studies

Study Case A: Breast Cancer Case Story:
On June 25, 2018. The person (Female, Age 69) came, being rejected by hospitals as “Incurable”.

  • Breast cancer patient was given only 2 or 3 days to live from her Oncologist
  • Size of breast tumor was 15cm (6 inches) about size of a melon
  • Tumor was extending from breast and had a very foul smell
  • Four in One Hand Wand therapy applied on her spinal column daily
  • Lymphocytes began increasing in about 14 days and condition improved
  • 2 weeks into program the tumor fell off the breast
  • Slept on Four in One Blanketon “High or 5 = 48°C” for 30 minutes then reduce the heat to 1=38°C or 2.

Tumor starting to disintegrate – 2 weeks later fell off the breast – 6 weeks later only small hole visible
[please bear in mind that this is somewhat exceptional and usually it takes 3 to 6 months to reverse cancer]

Study Case B – Stage 4 Melanoma patient (Male)

  • Four-In-One therapy began in June 12, 2013
  • 3 weeks of daily spinal treatment and sleeping on Four in One blanket

  • 3 weeks later Melanoma great improved and in 2018 still doing very well

Dr. Johanna Budwig was constantly talking about the benefits of sunlight and natural heat.  Now as time goes on more and more scientists are finding how she was ahead of her time in this research.

Based On Scientific Studies Carried Out By NASA.

Studies were being carried out in these fields by NASA as far back as the 1960s. A further study in 1981 confirmed that infrared rays of 2 – 25μ of wavelength in the sunlight are necessary for life.

They also discovered that 4~14μ of Far Infrared radiation is indispensable for metabolism, rejuvenation, healing, and growth. It’s also essential in making heat and energy to occur by a resonance action within cell molecules of the human body.

Raymond Rife in 1920′s-30′s used this theory to produce a machine to destroy microorganisms with a resonant frequency, or vibration called a frequency generator.

Reports have shown that it helps to:

  • Boost the Immune System
  • Provides FIR infrared 5-20 microns wavelength (the same as the KI emitted by the human body and like the sun which is essential for every living cell
  • Penetrates deep into the body and corrects hormone imbalances
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Helps with Pain, fatigue, and stress
  • Improved organ functions
  • Rejuvenates cells and repairs degenerated cells
  • Facilitates elimination
  • Helps with many common diseases such as Arthritis, asthma, bladder, blood pressure, abnormalities of bones, various cancers, cold, diabetes, digestive problems, dizziness, fibroid, hepatitis, kidney and liver issues, lime disease, parasites, Parkinson’s, stroke, thyroid problems, stress, various women’s issues, and more.

How The Four-In-One Therapy Works

(1) Acupuncture (without the needles)

Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body with a needle that penetrates the skin. This process excites the biochemical responses in the human body via the nerves releasing feel-good chemicals that can aid in inflammation, stress, and so forth. 

The Four-In-One therapy capitalizes on this acupuncture methodology to deliver heat and selected frequencies to the affected areas, which aids the process of reversing cancer immensely.

 [2] Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia creates heat and initiates a fever-like state. This state causes an intense, sustained elevation in core body temperature. The results? It enhances the immune system and therefore activates a natural self-healing process in the body. 

“In July 2013, The Lancet Oncology published an article on the beneficial effects of hyperthermia (heat therapy). A team of clinicians headed by Rüdiger Wessalowski, MD of the University of Düsseldorf, made some exciting discoveries. They found that treatment which included deep-tissue heating produced better results than generally achieved with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy alone

Far Infrared light therapy penetrates deep into the tissues.

(3) Vibrational Frequencies

Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark, and Dr. Bob Beck proved that it is possible to destroy cancer-causing viruses by bombarding them with selected frequencies. By using volcano rocks and other minerals, the Four-In-One therapy sends a vibration to the affected areas. Moreover, it creates a wave vibration that activates cells deep in the body and can form an environment where abnormal cells (malignant tumors, etc.) cannot survive. 

With the combination of Far-Infrared ray and volcanic rock, these waves begin resonating into cells at high speed and with incredible precision and can penetrate dangerous rogue cells.

(4) Balance

According to Chinese medicine, when the “cold” and “hot” spots (they call yin and yang) are out of balance, this produces disease. The Four-In-One blanket detects the “cold” places of the body and brings them into balance. 

The Four-In-One therapy is completely harmless and non-invasive as it provides vibrations, heat, balance and increased blood and lymphatic flow and energy. By applying all these potent energy sources, it stimulates the body’s natural healing power.

For natural cancer healing, we use both the Four-In-One Blanket and the Handheld healing wand for our cancer patients.


Four-In-One Mattress

Lie down on the mattress and make yourself comfortable. You could even sleep on it overnight. The frequencies penetrate through your spine into the automatic nervous system, balancing sympathetic & parasympathetic nerves, thus boosting the immune system and activating your healing power. 

This treatment is safe, with no side effects. 

The FOUR-IN-ONE mattress is nothing like a heating pad or electric blanket. The thermostat control is exact and does not overheat, always maintaining a comfortable temperature. It has 6 different settings so you can adjust the temperature to your liking. The control system does not allow any harmful EMF frequencies to reach the body.

Works 100 volts and comes with a converter for countries that use 220 volts.

Size: 21″ x 52″ inches (55 x 154 cm)

Even people who have a pacemaker, a stent, or other implants can use it.

The vinyl leather cover is very sanitary and safe even if you spill water on it. Clean with wet towels only. You put a cotton sheet over the mat, and it can also be used to steam heat the body using damp cloths or towels. You can lie or sit on it. Also, it is excellent for treating the chest and back area, as well as for cold feet.

Four-In-One Wand

A trained therapist will place the healing wand on the specific meridians of the body to discover the ‘cold’ areas. The patient will feel a slight twinge of pain, indicating to our therapist that this is an area that needs treating.

There is no “one size fits all” approach. Each body is different as to where and how many ‘cold unhealthy spots’ are. So, treatment time varies from person to person.

It can be used with patients who have a pacemaker, or a stent or other implants.

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