Dr. Johanna Budwig was continually talking about the benefits of sunlight and natural heat. More and more scientists are discovering that she was ahead of her time in this research. A further study in 1981 confirmed that infrared rays of 2 – 25μ of wavelength in the sunlight are necessary for life. 

They also discovered that 4~14μ of Far Infrared radiation is indispensable. It’s also essential to make heat and energy occur by a resonance action within cell molecules of the human body.

The wand and mat both have the properties of FIR heat and Terahertz waves, which are sub-millimetric waves from deep within the earth, and they are both used to balance the autonomic nervous system.

When a person has cancer, it becomes a priority to balance this system. We cannot hope to give support to the immune system without first balancing the autonomic nervous system. For more information read about various clinical studies and research that have been carried out.

How The Four-In-One Therapy Works

(1) Terahertz Vibration 

Terahertz is extracted from active volcanic rocks. As we apply these vibrations, our body’s water molecules are activated, enabling unhealthy cells to gain balance and promote a healthy flow of energy in organs and systems that carry liquid (circulatory system and lymphatic system).

The Budwig Center uses professional Terahertz devices as part of its program.

(2) FIR Hyperthermia



Hyperthermia creates heat and initiates a fever-like state. This state causes an intense, sustained elevation in core body temperature. The results? It enhances the immune system and changes the cellular environment.

In July 2013, The Lancet Oncology published an article on the beneficial effects of hyperthermia (heat therapy). A team of clinicians headed by Rüdiger Wessalowski, MD of the University of Düsseldorf, made some exciting discoveries.

Far Infrared light therapy penetrates deep into the tissues and cells.

The patient can benefit from the FIR heat with both the mat and the wand. However, the advantage of the wand is being able to apply the therapy directly on the desired areas.

(3) Balancing the Autonomic Nervous


The autonomic nervous system oversees automatic functions in the body, such as breathing, circulation, digestion. A cancer patient’s autonomic nervous system has been stuck in either a sympathetic (fight or flight mode) or parasympathetic (rest and digest mode, borderline depression) and thus require therapeutic support. This support is accomplished by lying on the mat or having the wand applied to the sides of the spine.

(4) Acupuncture (without the needles)

Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body (meridians) with a needle that penetrates the skin. This process excites the biochemical responses in the human body via the nerves releasing feel-good chemicals that can aid in inflammation, stress, and so forth.
With the Four-In-One wand, a skilled therapist can apply the heat to acupuncture points (meridians) as one would in Moxibustion, promoting a balance in the natural flow of energy, helping to maintain the body temperature as well as becoming an individual therapeutic session.

Four-In-One therapy is completely harmless and non-invasive as it provides vibrations, heat, balance, and increased blood and lymphatic flow and energy. The combination of the technology in these devices and the therapeutic application, could help with the following:

  • Oxygenates and rejuvenates cells
  • Stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic fluid flow
  • Promote detoxing of chemical residue
  • Strengthens immunity by balancing the Autonomic nervous system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balances pH levels

How to Apply The Four-In-One Therapy

You can put on a specialized outfit, much like pajamas, consisting of an organic cotton top and bottom. Then, you start by applying the Four-in-One to the sides of the spine to balance the autonomic nervous system. Then, you apply the Terahertz wand to acupuncture points. During this process, the person receiving the therapy can provide feedback to the therapist, indicating how long they can tolerate the heat on each point.

Individual areas are targeted based on each person’s needs. You can work on different areas of the body, either in a circular motion, holding pressure on various points, or brushing in side-way motions.

Doing so makes for a better session as you become more in tune with your body and responses, depending on the area and application method. The whole session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Regular sessions are recommended.

To find out how we can help you with the Four-In-One Holistic Therapy combined with The Budwig protocol, contact us today.

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