Do you enjoy the warm sensation of the sun on your skin while sunbathing? Dr. Johanna Budwig directed her cancer patients to soak up some 20 minutes of direct sunlight every day. The heat obtained from sunbathing, saunas, Onnetsuki therapy, and hyperthermia play a vital role and provide numerous health benefits in treating cancer.

“Those who cannot be cured by medicine may be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured by surgery may be cured by heat. Those who cannot be cured by heat are to be considered incurable.” – Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC)

How Does Hyperthermia Heal?

The body is very well made, and when it needs to fight off harmful bacteria, infections, and viruses, it naturally goes into a ‘state of fever’. It basically ‘pasteurizes’ the pathogens, causing their death.

Hyperthermia artificially creates heat and thus initiates a fever-like state, causing an intense, sustained elevation in core body temperature, which enhances the immune system and therefore activates a natural self-healing process in the body.

In July 2013, The Lancet Oncology published an article on the beneficial effects of hyperthermia (heat therapy). A team of clinicians headed by Rüdiger Wessalowski, MD of the University of Düsseldorf, showed that conventional treatment that included deep-tissue heating produced better results than generally achieved with surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy alone [1].

There were 5 significant findings:

  • An objective response (i.e., tumor shrinkage) was seen in 30 out of 35 patients, or 86 percent.
  • Sixteen of these 30 patients had a complete remission, and 14 of the 30 had a partial remission.
  • Ten patients who still had tumors after treatment then received additional radiotherapy: 8 of these 10 then had complete and durable remissions.
  • The probability of 5-year event-free survival was 62 percent, and the five-year overall survival rate was 72 percent.
  • Among those who received chemotherapy + hyperthermia as salvage therapy, the overall 5-year survival rate was 78 percent.

“The combination of hyperthermia treatment and low dose radiation makes this therapy one of the most effective and lower side effects cancer treatment available today,” reports The Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, California. [2]

The Greek physician and philosopher, Parmenides, 540-480 BC said;

Give me the power to create fever, and I will cure all diseases.” 

Modern hyperthermia has been around for more than 100 years starting in the 1900s, when the American physician, Dr. William Coley, began using fever-causing agents in the treatment of cancer with considerable success.

In 1927, Julius Wagner-Jauregg received the Nobel Prize in medicine for work involving the therapeutic application of hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia At The Budwig Center

As we are a natural, alternative, and complementary cancer clinic, we use hyperthermia on all types of cancer unless the medical condition of the patient states otherwise.

We use the four-in-one device to apply hyperthermia to the autonomic nervous system directly on tumors, and acupuncture points to boost the immune system. We use a nano cover with the four-in-one wand to apply locally on the tumor for 30 minutes without burning the skin.

This device combines security and efficiency with the highest standard of quality for local treatments in a specific area.

During hyperthermia treatments, the body is exposed to supranormal temperature (41.5 to 43ºC / 104 -113ºF) to weaken the cancerous cells and tumors, without damaging the healthy tissues.

We also use ‘whole body’ hyperthermia, whereby only the patient’s head is outside of the machine, offering an artificial fever for the rest of the body. The device combines the dry heat of a sauna to accomplish this. The effect is that it stimulates white blood cell production and opens the pores. Additionally, it administers ozone therapy topically for healthier skin and lymphatic system. It is called the O3 Sauna, and its combination of infrared rays with ozone makes this an ideal combination for heat therapy. Dr. Budwig also directly approved of heat therapies as in hyperthermia. We adhere strictly to the original Budwig protocol.

In 1927, Julius Wagner-Jauregg received the Nobel Prize in medicine for work involving the therapeutic application of hyperthermia.

Dr. Johanna Budwig directly approved of heat therapies as in hyperthermia. We adhere strictly to the original Budwig protocol.

Benefits Of Hyperthermia

  • A health-promoting reaction initiated and created by the body in its effort to fight infections and other conditions of disease and to restore health.
  • Fever speeds up metabolism, inhibits the growth of invading viruses or bacteria, and accelerates the healing processes.
  • When heat is applied to a tumor, vital nutrients and oxygen are cut off from the cancer cells. This results in a collapse of the tumor’s vascular system and destruction of the cancer cells, which can then be removed by the immune system.
  • Hyperthermia aids in the removal of the accumulations of toxic chemicals that cause tumors and disease, improving circulation so that tissues are both nourished with oxygen and flushed of acidic wastes. The therapy weakens or even kills tumor cells that have a lower tolerance for heat than healthy cells.
  • Hyperthermia can also be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation. Studies indicate that lower doses of radiation and chemotherapy are needed when combined with hyperthermia, and the results are often better than when these conventional therapies are used on their own.
  • Hyperthermia is also helpful for many common health problems such as: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), endometriosis, Flu and its symptoms, tiredness and sleep deprivation, enlarged prostate, depression and of course all types of cancer.

Dr. A. Lwoff, a famous French bacteriologist, has demonstrated in repeated scientific experiments that fever is indeed a “great medicine,” and that it can help to cure many “incurable” diseases. Renowned oncologist, Dr. Josef Issels, stated: “Artificially induced fever has the greatest potential in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer.” Keep in mind that this remark was made by one of the leading cancer specialists in the world!

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