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The EVOX System – Emotional Perception Reframing

How we see the world, our interaction with others, and the way we see ourselves are all determined by various factors. Our upbringing, circumstances in life, and even patterns learned from parents and grandparents provide a distinct shape to our viewpoint. We all acquire what is called a “perceived reality,” which impacts our feelings and views and subsequently drives the decisions we make on a conscious and a subconscious level. A trip on an airplane, for example, can muster either a sense of excitement or fear, depending on our past experiences and our “perceived reality.”

Many treatments and therapies can help us find emotional balance. If our perception is whole or expansive, we will gain greater control over our actions, thus promoting better relationships and wellness. If our viewpoints are lacking or static, this will result in dysfunction. We will hold on to opinions, attitudes, or ways of dealing with life that limit our ability to choose our outcomes. So, the point is, if we can change our perceptions, we can change our lives.

Voice Mapping

Over the years, extensive research has been carried out on the emotional resonance detected within the tones of the voice. The spoken voice possesses subtle energetic frequencies that reflect the speaker’s perception of a topic. In many cases, we can discern and sense someone’s emotional state as they speak regardless of the words they use. As an example, think of the occasions when you ask a loved one, ‘how are you?’ Because you know them so well, you can discern how they truly feel, not just by what they say in response to your question, but also by the subtle tone used. ‘I’m fine,’ may be coupled with a negative tone which gives you an indication of their real feelings. These audible tones include energetic qualities that can be measured and tracked. That’s where EVOX comes in.

What Is EVOX?

The ZYTO computer software measures the subtle energetic qualities and resonance within our voice. It can then provides a perception index, a visual indicator of our perceptions, which has 12 zones. The patient gets a vista of their emotional state and can identify emotional blocks that are hindering them from expanding their view in certain areas.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Mapping The Voice

The first step is to talk into a microphone about a particular topic or person. The EVOX software reports the corresponding energy emitted when discussing that topic or person. This energy is then mapped and measured by EVOX, revealing the existing, as well as any missing frequencies. The perception index then gives a visual summary of the results.

Emotions such as anger, sadness, suppressed emotional expression, to mention just a few, will be highlighted on the perception index enabling a person to see whether these emotions are factors that shape their perceptions on a subconscious level.

Step 2 – Energetic Transfer

The EVOX system then determines the appropriate frequency signals that will facilitate a shift in perception. These signals are sent to the GSR hand cradle and are transferred to the person using a subtle software output. The GSR hand cradle (Galvanic skin response) uses an established technology that connects to the electrical conductivity of the skin. The same technology used in lie detector testing.

Perception Reframing

For each person or topic that we speak about, we use a unique tone that is not always audible to the human ear. Just think, when we discuss or mention in conversation, our spouse, son or daughter, parents, or perhaps even our employment or hobbies, we are using a distinctive tone that reveals subconscious thoughts and emotions on that person or topic.

This process, repeated several times, of speaking, mapping, and transferring, makes it possible to painlessly shift or reframe perceptions on a conscious and subconscious level. We are thus opening up new possibilities within a person’s subconscious that they were previously not able to see or embrace.

What Are The Benefits Of EVOX?

EVOX allows you to reframe the perceptions you’ve inherited or acquired over the years resulting in an emotional release from the consequences of stored stress and trauma. Users of EVOX have reported positive improvements in their life, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, and personal fulfillment. Even athletes have felt the benefits of this system, allowing them to pursue peak performance. Thus EVOX serves as a tool enabling individuals to create new possibilities and developments in their lives.

Tools To Support Your Emotional Health

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What is needed?

  • A PC running Windows 8 or 10 (The software is not available for Macs)
  • The ZYTO remote software – Download Here
  • The ZYTO or GSR hand cradle. Please contact us to order: [email protected]
  • A headset with a microphone used for PCs
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