Mini Rife Device

(Based on the anti-cancer frequencies of Dr. Royal Rife) comes with USB charger cable.

The Mini Rife helps enhance the body’s functions and systems (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune). The device helps against infection thanks to its anti-parasitic and purifying functions. It also helps to remove waste and toxic substances. It helps improve the working capacity of organs, helps prevent premature aging, and helps maintain the natural body balance.


The Mini Rife device uses ‘cutting edge’ technology to work with the body’s natural systems and does not create anything unfamiliar to our bodies or mind.  You simply wear it around your neck, and you can tune into 250 different frequencies to treat a variety of diseases and 30 frequencies for all types of cancer.

Some of the common health conditions the MINI RIFE will help with: 
Allergies, Cancer, Strep throat, Anemia, Arthritis, Asthma attacks, Insomnia, Detoxification, Parkinsons, Joint Pain, Bronchitis, Thrush, Hypertension, Varicosis, Gastritis, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, Diabetes, Eye health, Diarrhea, Constipation, Cardio vascular health, immune system,  Cysts, Menopause, Headaches, Parasites, Sexual health, Gout, Prostatitis, Colds & Flu,  Chronic Fatigue, Endometriosis, Ulcers, Low Energy, Depression and Stress.

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